Before Being Thankful

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This time of year is stressful. It is a time of reflecting, or remembering or even reconciling. With it being almost 48 hours before Black Friday and maybe 96 hours before Cyber Monday, I want you to do two things.

One:  Remember to protect your space from toxic energy.

Two:  Family is more than blood.

I’m big on family being beyond the people your are born into. I believe that friends in certain instances can become family. There are people that are pulled into your path that replace or supplant  the people in your life time or death have spirited away. And sometimes that last place you want to be when you are celebrating a holiday is with family. Sometimes home is toxic, hypercritical and less than accepting. Don’t subject yourself to abuse and toxicity under the guise of ‘family tradition.’ One of the best things about growing up is determining and making your own  traditions. This self-determination that is independent of people’s opinions.

In the age of the war on MAGAt’s, I can only imagine what some holiday tables will look like. I can only imagine what some tables will look like for those whom have lost their loved ones to police triggers and other violence. I can only imagine what some tables look like being the first holiday without a Mother, Father, or Grandparent. My love I send to all of you.

Before celebrating, before grocery shopping before the rush to eat and go shop, I want you to take stock of what you have first. That is the best thing you can do. Remember why you are celebrating with the people you celebrate with. Is it worth it to be aggravated or insulted for a day because this is what ‘family’ does? Holidays are meant to be joyous events, they feed your spirit and remind you of why these days are special!

Keep that in mind as you shop. As and while you cook. As you make those long treks to people’s houses you don’t even like or want to be there. Don’t sacrifice your sanity for pie.


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