*-1808 warning; This week is going to be a little raunchy. There will be the discussion of some grown folk topics. So, be advised. Thank you. -Admin


The world is burning. I’m watching Paris Is Burning. I am convinced it is only a matter of time  before I get my Guy Fawkes mask in the mail. You can’t tell me otherwise.

Let’s get it.


#JillScott  #Concerts #TongueTricks #YouNeedTwoHands #ThisIsWomansWork #GetItHowYouWantSis #Reciprocating #Favors #OwnYourSexuality #NoFatShaming #WhatDidYallTHANKThisWas



These prudish people get on my nerves! This week Jill Scott did a live show and simulated fellatio on stage…

Now, before we go forward, let me explain something to you. It is not my job to judge what other women do–or like to do. We all have our kinks, fetishes and little things that we like–and like to do. I mean, Jill Scott is a staple on a FREAK MIX. If you need that phrase explained to you,  you are too young to be a Firestarter (at least this week). Jill is freak–and there is nothing wrong with that. NOTHING. I’m a fan of remembering that the martial bed is undefiled. MEANING, whatever you like to do with your spouse, like your spouse likes, as long as your spouse likes–THAT  IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS.

My personal opinion is you don’t do things like that for people you aren’t committed to. Maybe that makes me ‘old-fashioned’  (or a faithful nymph), but I’m not about to do all my sensual acrobatics for an average lay. Nope. Next.

Leave Jill alone and grow up!


#CNN #JimAcosta #ProfessionalPetty #ThisIsMyBaseline #OhICantCome #WatchMeComeBack #ComeBackGetBack2019 #WhatYouThinkThis #LetMeShowYou #ShowAndTell



CNN is professional-petty goals! I knew they weren’t going to be able keep this going forever. CNN filed a whole federal lawsuit to have Jim Acosta’s press credentials reinstated. I laughing at this so hard! The power of words is influence even in the presence of the Joker.

I cannot wait until the next conference Jim covers stateside. He was already petty in Paris, so why not have that tradition continue!



#InTheRain #WhoMansIsThis #BurnItAllDown #CallBruceWayne #ThisIsAShamassEvent #EvilMeltsInWater #YouCantMakeThisUp #SendTheMeteorLord


The President of the United States couldn’t get caught in the rain because he is a horocrux. Voldemort is alive and well! We must stop the Dark Lord–and now we found out how:  RAIN!

If we have it rain enough he will disintegrate!

He couldn’t go be the President, he couldn’t do his job, because it was raining! I screamed laughing! That is some base-level fuckery right there! You couldn’t go be the PRESIDENT because it was raining outside?! Is this the winning! Is this your king? Is this what the demonic white conglomerate came in league Sam Hain for?! Like?!

You cannot make this up! You cannot make this up! I am over this shamass event that masquerades as an administration! I am done! This ogbanje is ridiculous! I cannot be bothered to be nice anymore–there are no more mammies! And The Ideal Firestarter is not, nor will ever be, a Mammie.


*Stacey Abrams has conceded in Georgia–and she’s going to sue. This is beyond reprehensible. Something has to give. And something is about to break and break out. I hope the nation is prepared for the blowblack. Excerment always rolls downhill.








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