The Joy Thieves

You’ve heard it before: comparison is the thief of all joy.

In reflecting on gratitude, happiness and the revolutionary act of being content comparison destroys the focus you have within your own life. It makes you bitter, neglectful and resentful. All things that make it impossible to make note of all the things you have. It robs you of this thought:

I am okay just as I am.

I have all I need and because I do, I am happy.

Comparison, absent of ambition, robs of you the process of working on your self; or even appreciating how hard you have worked to get what have!

Don’t get me wrong–people compare everything.





We do compare everything! The thing we need to remember is to value what we have what we have put work into. What we have sacrifices to get, the things we earned. When we cease to do that, there is no room to be grateful. There is no place to be focused on what you would like to do or become. There is no room to be anything but resentful.

Don’t make the focus of attaining or changing to outdo someone else. Don’t make the focus of joy the misery of someone else. Don’t make your source of happiness what you earn, what you take or what you need.

Your focus should be the things which are irreplaceable. The intangible things of life are what put anchors in your soul. They give you strength and focus to achieve it do greater. They don’t give you time or leaning to not to be grateful.

Drop anchors in your own waters, dear ones. Anchor to what you know is good, true and best for your life. When you look at the waters of others, wishing they were your own, that’s when you drown.

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