Your Life Should Be A Gratitude Journal

As a woman a faith, I have to remember the anchor scripture of the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Things like gratitude journals have become buzz words and fads. The thing is your whole life is should be a gratitude journal. The word of God tells those of us whom follow Christianity that our lives are ‘living epistles to be read of men.’

Our lives are the gratitude journals.

This does not mean we are immune to problems. This does not mean we are aloof and unaware of the suffering of man–or woman for that matter. On the contrary, joy and happiness are on the emotional spectrum. Happiness is conditional. Joy isn’t.

Joy comes from knowing what you are doing, what you believe to be best about yourself. Joy leads to gratitude because that’s the natural order of things. Joy pushes out anything that robs us of peace. Joy desires us to focus on the things that are important.

It is the sorrows of life that allow us to be reminded of the joys. It is the joys of this life, this which remind us to be grateful! We endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune because they pass! As the old saints say: ‘trouble don’t last always.’

Trouble cannot last always.

In the presence of joy, trouble cannot root.

In the season of changing leaves and seasons, allow your joy to take root. Remember, your joy is the key to walking through this life without the weight of having your peace stolen from you.

Joy is your superpower. Gratitude is it’s fruit. Those two together lead to victorious living.

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