For Our Grandfather, Stan

This morning, Stanley Martin Lieber has passed away.

I feel as though my grandfather has passed away.

As a nerd, as a dedicated Marvel fan, as one that was called MARY JANE, I am stunned. I am sad, and somehow oddly relieved.

I am sad because this is one of the influences that let me love comics. My cousin was the other. The fact that it was from his imagination Ororo Munroe became a reality? I told my husband Stanley has been calling Black women goddesses for better than 40 years! He’s been creating sets of dynamic women whom are beautiful and powerful without apology!

I am relived because now it has happened. As Homer Wells said in The Cider House Rules, ‘at least there is no more waiting and seeing.’ Stan Lee is gone back to the Source that created him, and I am thankful to the God that made him possible.

The imagination he contained and gave to the world cannot be duplicated–but remembered. Sustained. And told frequently. This is one of the beautiful things about writing. There’s something left–there is something to remember, to speak of and to reimagine.

Thank you, Mr. Lieber.

Thank you, Mr. Lee.

Thank you for the gifts you left, the people you inspired and the legacy that made BLACK PANTHER and the discovery (and rediscovery) of Christopher Priest possible.

Rest easy, Stan.


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