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Yay for continued Firestarting!img_0573-3

The state of Florida is stealing votes. The nation may just recover from this fascist invasion. Get registered to vote. Get involved. Don’t let them steal the bag with you watching!


Let’s get it!


#Election #Florida #WhoShocked   #Georgia # Arizona #ItIsAlwaysSomething #Recounts #CountEveryVote #WhyIsThisHard #WhatIsGoingOnHere #VoterSuppression #VoterSuppressionIsReal #KnowYourRights

The election was Tuesday. As of your reading, there are still a votes being counted in Arizona, Florida and Georgia. Still being counted. I find it interesting that all these GOP keyboard warriors want the counting to stop because ‘it’s over’ or ‘they won.’ The thing about this is it’s bullsh!t. It is bullsh!t because Republicans are the biggest hyiocrites since the Biblical Pharissees. They do all this foul, crazy ILLEGAL stuff and call it strength or winning! Ballots have been returned to people in Georgia that voted absentee or participated in early voting. Ballots have been FOUND behind buildings! Voting machines haven’t been used and found in warehouses! Like?! What part of the game is this?! Is THIS the winning?! Is it?

Other than minorities reading, the other thing the GOP hate is people voting. Exercising power they didn’t dispense. The country is so damn embarrassing. The GOP, their donors, the far-right agenda is so outrageous that they will do ANYTHING to keep other people from voting. To keep us divided thinking that doing so will maintain or sustain power. No, they are giving power for an insurrection. Guy Fawkes style. We the people are not going to concede. Not now, not then—not ever.



#MAGAHats #GOPHustle #HustleForMeHustle #GoFundMe #MoneyForLick #HitALick #TheyDeservedIt #StillLaughing #Reparations #Exploitation #ThereMustBeHumor #WhereIsTheComplainingWhenTheyDoIt #WhereWhereWhere #GiveWhatBack #IWouldnt

I am still laughing!

There was a Black woman on Twitter (her handle is Reformed Republican I believe)that hit the entire MAGA believing world for 150k. I heard about this through the Young Turks and screamed laughing! I still am! She put that red fisherman hat on, took a selfie and through she was gon get ’em, you hear me? And she did!

She said that she was tired of hiding her affiliations. She said her parents walked away from her. She said she need the money for college tuition. Chile, look! I can’t do it. I cannot! Is it wrong that I didn’t want her to have had to give the money back? Did she steal it? Yes. But the GOP steals, lies and manipulates people out of money on a constant basis. Constant basis!

From elections, to health care, to women’s rights—they are always stealing. Always lying. Bruh. But it’s not fun wen the rabbit got the gun, is it? She said she had no remorse because ‘Republicans aren’t people.’

*Insert Kanye on his lithium shrug*

#MassShootings #NorthCarolina #California #Florida #Minnesota #GunControl #SelfControl #PTSD #IncelShooting #AngryWhiteMen #ShotsOfWhiskey #BloodMoney #MoneyOverPeople #WhenDoPeopleMatter


I am so tired of the phase mass shooting or mass shooter.

I am tired of sirens, tweeting, hashtags, and vigils! When are we going to do something! Father in Heaven, when? WHEN!


There have been six mass shootings on America on the first nine days of November. Eighteen people have died because someone couldn’t cope with life, or mad for not being chose. I am at my wits end! I want to be able to go in public places and not fear or my safety! I want to go out with my kids place and not have to be She-Ra level vigilant! The police and angry White men are the monsters that keep me up at night! Don Lemon is absolutely right! And there was a white man threatening his life for saying angry white men are the biggest terrorists in this nation! I mean—UGH! Why is it so impossible to just live?!

Why has that become so hard?! As long as the gun lobby has a strangle hold on the nation, and can buy lobbyists, Senators and presidents, it will never matter. That is the dirty little secret they lie to tell you.


Sigh. No witty quips. No sage wisdom. All I have is to remind you to resist. And agitate. Agitate and resist.  Resist and agitate. And if you can’t resist–critically think and agitate!








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