In All This–Gratitude

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In the era of open sewer discord, it has become so much harder to be positive, gracious, hopeful or aware all at the same time. I has become so much harder to try and find the light among all that wishes to snuff it out–if not devour it.

There must be a reason to hope, a reason to endure.  Even a reason to smile or to laugh.

Weeks ago I found a YouTube channel called BioGraphics. The channels focuses on the lives of the famous and infamous–on of the lives I learned so much more about was that of Mr. Fred Rogers. Not only was he was a seminarian, a television pioneer, he actually had a quote that has steadied me—even now.

When something horrendous happened, he would talk to his mother about it. She told him this:

Look for the helpers.

The helpers. Look for the helpers.

In order to do that, in doing that, I have to be able to realize there is some light still present. There is some good left in the world, the must be some left. And if there is–that is harnessed by one thing:  gratitude.

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As dark as life can become, I have not lost the capacity to remember how wonderful it is. How sweet it can be. How even with heartbreaking, I know morning will come. It has to come. Indeed, trouble don’t last always. This is what keeps me grateful. The fact I know life, however hard, still has beauty in it. There are still things to see. Things to do. There is still marrow left in the bone. There is still a desire to drink deeply from this life–if I only remain hopeful there is still something there.

By no means am I impervious to heartache, suffering and doubt. Indeed, I too look for the helpers. There are a core people in my life that remind me to keep going. To look for the good in the world, without or despite being inundated with everything trying to kill it. This can be a simple as sleeping in. A rain storm. My favorite song on the radio. Sunrises. Hugs from my kids. Gratitude doesn’t have to involve something grand or spectacular. It’s the ability to be present in any moment, aware of your own participation in it. Being aware, being that present in any moment forces you to think. In that thinking, you take the focus off yourself and to what is around you.

That’s the part that is tricky part. Can you be present and think of something other than yourself? Can you engage the world, as it is, where you are, and add to it? Will you add to it? Gratitude comes from peace. This peace comes from knowing who you and appreciating all you bring to a situation. The inner confidence that all is still going to be okay.

There is still joy to be had. There is still light.  There is still hope.


Take it with you. Help and change the world.



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