It has been one year since RUNITBACK FRIDAY began!


There is something rotten in Denmark. In D.C. In the nation as a whole. In the world overall. Gather your loins, there is much more work to do!

Let’s get it!


#Ferguson #Lynching #Suspect #SuspiciousDeaths #BlackMothersMatters #BlackLivesMatter #BlackActivists #FergusonActivists #ActivistsMatter #WorkIsStillWork #SupportBlackMothers #JusticeForDanye

There is something about Ferguson, MO where people wind up dead. It is disconcerting, suspicious and evil. The son of a prominent Ferguson activist, Melissa McKinnies, was lynched in her backyard. This is not a drill. This is not an exaggeration. This is not a suicide as Ferguson Police Department would have us believe. Even to think about this is ridiculous, is traumatic and I can only imagine what Melissa is going through.

We know that Ferguson is corrupt, soul-crushing and has no intent on doing right. The fact this young man was hanging from a tree in his mother’s house seems to be a special kind of evil. I don’t know what it is about Ferguson where it devours everything young black and male. His picture has circulated through social media, and I don’t have the strength to share it. I’m over Black trauma porn. I’m tired. I support Melissa, pray for her family, and want the police to investigate!

I want justice for Melissa. I want her to not cry anymore—the tears of Black mothers shouldn’t be so normal.


#ElectionDay #Vote #VoterSupression #Fight #Voting #ThereIsPower #VoteAndBeHeard #VoteBlue #NoProtestVote #NowIsNotTheTime

No snark. No wise saged, wisdom. On November 6, 2018–GO VOTE. We literally have a plot from a Marvel Comic playing out before us and the entire world. One of the ways we can stop the world from careening towards Gehenna is to vote. We can fight about it later, but vote Tuesday.



#ImmigrantCaravan #Hondruous  #Immigration #LifeIsLife #LifeMatters #DoesAllLifeMatter #WeDontActLikeIt #JesusWasAnImmigrant

I hate this phrase immigrant caravan. The phrase is dehumanizing, it’s dismissive. It takes away the plight of real people, fleeing an unstable environment with only what they can carry. The Joker has said he’s sending troops to the border.

But people in North Carolina and certain parts of Florida are still looking for FEMA relief?! Is this is winning?! Is it?!

I think people forget that the Saviour of the world was an immigrant! He had to run for his life! His parents weren’t white neither did they speak English! This is the problem we keep having when it relates to the farce of all lives matter. They don’t. They truly don’t. This is why we have to keep being specific. You have to be in the face of craziness! This is craziness!

This nation will play House Of Cards & Game Of Thrones all over the world and be MAD when the affected population will come to US for help, asylum and relief. We want to shoot at them. You can’t make this madness up! There’s a book in this…and I’m clearly going to have to write it. This is beyond ridiculous. Immigrants are people–stop slapping labels on folk you don’t like!

I hate to see some of these people on Judgement Day. The Gospel of Christ doesn’t say to discriminate against people like this! Nothing about this is God! Nothing, and you can’t force fit it to be so.


The days are dark. The nights seem colder. Time rolls back this weekend. The only thing I have to give you this week, much like Pandora and her box, is hope. It is hard, but not impossible. As much as you fight, a much as you resist, self-care is necessary. Love is necessary. Hope is the tool by which we wield to allow tomorrow to not be visible, but possible.


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