There was a *MAGABomber from Florida. The Joker still talks about on an unsecured iPhone. It took all of me to be shocked (read: it didn’t. And I wasn’t). This is crazier times that thought–but oddly, I’m not shocked. These are dark times, beloveds. Yet, the part of me that is writer and rebel, won’t shut up. So, neither should you.

Let’s get it!

#CaitlynJenner #LGBTQIA #Transpeople #Transphobic #TriedToToldYou #ICant #OpEd #MoreOfTheSame #Crazy #Sad #WishICanSayImShocked


Ms. Jenner is remorseful about her support of The Joker (that is the only thing I’m going to recognize this 🤬 as! He is not a president! He’s a villain out a damn comic book.). She wrote and op-Ed this week saying how she felt (on some level) betrayed.


This is the problem when you throw your support behind a fool. You too become a fool.

I couldn’t stomach trying to read the thing. The entire nation tried to tell her that this was a problem. The entire nation tried to tell you. And the thing that is crazier still? That same blind devotion ignited the man whom sent 11,12 pipe bombs to critics of the Joker. Like?! You cannot make this country up!

Yes, Ms. Jenner–you made a damn mistake. A great miscalculation. You thought aligning with power at the cost of self and community was going to help. It didn’t. It won’t. And it hasn’t. To say ‘I told you so’ is useless to a fool. Caitlyn Jenner is a fool.

#NewGovernor #Florida #AndrewGillum #TryItOnMe #TryMoreJesus #WhatTheDuece #LookingLikeSwag #NeedThemeMusic #GovernorAndrew #ILoveThisHere

Andrew Gillum out her looking like a whole T’Challa!

I love Andrew Gillum! I am so proud of him! I want this election to be hard-fought and victorious! I want Andrew Gillum to become Governor Gillum!

I love how he throws madness back at people. I love that Ron DeSantis don’t move him. I love that this is happening in front of the slobbering MAGA *shambler hoard. I love that he didn’t flinch. He ain’t scared. And he is ready to lead.

#NBC #FoxNews #RacistSecureTheBag #NotShocked #HereWeGo #LeopardsAndSpots #SheWasAB!tch #69MillionReasonsWhy

So, NBC cut the head off Medusa. The fact is–NBC knew what kind of woman she was.

NBC knew anyone from Fox News would be askew.

NBC knew that woman was not, should not have been able to have a talk show.


Her Aryan features helped to blind them to what she was. Money does that.

Those in power do not get to determine was is racist, oppressive or hurtful. The reason FOX NEWS is a blight on journalism or any journalistic consciousness for this reason. They whip up hate, disillusionment and despair like cake batter. They decided this is the best thing they could do to. The best they could do is to tell everyone that looks like the popular watching demographic that anyone that doesn’t look like that demographic is a blot, is complaining and is dangerous.

This is fascism.

And in true weaponized white woman fashion, she walked away with all her money. Ain’t that some shit?! But I would expect nothing else! Her show was isht. No one watched it. And she knew what she was supposed to get–contracts and all.

This system cannot become normal. Not on this soil. You want further information, watch The Twilight Zone, Season 1 and the episode called The Obsolete Man. The fact of the matter is, Rod Serling talked about this a half century before. Which happened less than 30 years before he wrote it.

Dear God, I wish we would pay attention.

This week was arduous. It was emotionally daunting. Yet, I’m alive and remain. And if you are reading this, you are too.

*A shambler is the name for zombies from the book by Justina Ireland’s book Dread Nation. If you haven’t read it, you need to!

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