Do not expect me to talk about what happened at the White House this week. I have talked about Kanye until I was blue in the face. I cannot give him anything, anymore! If you want to know my final thoughts about this matter, see my piece on Contemptor.  It was posted this morning, and I encourage you all to read it:  Started From the Bottom Now We Here:  Kanye Keeps Falling Through The Floor.  There are too many things happening in the  world that don’t involve Kanye.

Let’s get it!

#MelaniaTrump #HoMoves #MoneyMoves  #HowToMakeTheBestOfCrazy #SheCrazy #TellHerISaidIt #ThereIsNoShame

So, Melania showed the world that she is a shallow trollop. Ask me if I’m surprised! Hint:  not at all. She went to Africa in a colonizer outfit, said is the most bullied person in the world and said she didn’t care that her husband had affairs. This is the kinda broad she is! The #SaveMelania movement was a farce! We all knew that. She is just that type of woman she is. Melania has aligned herself with power and doesn’t care what people think about. She thinks women that come forward with their stories of sexual abuse or assault, they need proof.

We all know she doesn’t love this man, and is with him for his money. We all know this. He just wanted something pretty on his arm, and this afflicted little boy was created to secure the bag. I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care! As long as her bag is not affected, she does not care. Melania is a high class whore—who got married. And now the world sees exactly what kind of woman she is.



#HimToo #WTH #MalePrivilege #KindaMadnessIsThis #Women #Mockery #WhoDidThis #MAGAMaggots #WhereIsTheRelief

So, there’s a #HimToo?

I promise before the living, loving God–the behavior of folk is astounding! In the face of the society that we live in–like I don’t get it! What is it about men, some men, that is makes them rooted in misogyny! Like as a religion! What about this #HimToo made this okay? Don’t these men have wives and daughters?! I don’t get it! I really don’t. It was heartbreaking to watch. My identity as a woman is a constant threat! Like–who does that? It would be easier to just say no one who has a vagina is relevant or valued. That is the cruel irony in all this. There would be no men in this world if it were not for women.

I’m over this wounded male ego movement. I am over this need for white men to ‘assert’ whom they are because they think that they are slighted or uncounted. I am tired. I am so tired. These wounded little boys need to get of the tit! All this society is based on power and its usurpation. I can’t. This is why I speak out and confront it. From MAGA ballcaps to Congress, do not let any more shit slide!


#HurricaneMichael #Storms #PhonyPresidents #Florida #FansVsCitizens #Crazymaking #StayWoke

So the President decided to go see his fans instead of doing his job. Why are people still shocked at this? It is ridiculous to keep asking what is wrong with 46-1. He is exactly who he is! I can’t. He said that he went because he didn’t want to ‘disappoint’ the people that had waited to see him. Think about that.  But this is the Great White Hope to all this MAGA level racists. I can’t bruh, I can’t.

He is exactly who he is…he is treating Florida like he did Puerto Rico. Where is the lie? It is more important he receive adulation and cock-stroking than anything else. Therein lies the problem. He does not care. He will not care. And no one can make him care. Ego is better than duty. And the men who admire him desire power! The women that  lust after his caricature, are seduced by or wish to align with power!

Consider this the final warning before we are irreversibly Orwellian.


This week was interesting, and empowering. We will make it through this together. If anything else, get a copy of RUBY and escape for a few hours. Click here. And I thank you for your support.





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