In The Scary Place

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Make no mistake, I am a woman of faith.

I believe in God, and the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I believe there is tremendous good and immense evil in the world. I believe there are things in this world that are beyond human imagination and comprehension. I have also witnessed more than a few of these things.

Even then, my belief in God has not be troubled by that. My faith is such that God can still be God–even when I don’t understand what may be happening. God still does. In that, in that childlike faith-space, it doesn’t bother me. Being a writer only strengthens that. It gives you room for the world at large. There can be a over-arching truth (like God) and all these universes that run parallel or perpendicular.

One thing that has stayed with me since I was a girl, is what I call the Batsignal. Whenever I have been in a scary situation, fearful  or in a place where paranormal, supernatural stuff is known to happen, my hands and feet get cold.

Without fail.

And living in St. Louis (oh, it’s haunted!) only amplifies that. And it’s not just reserved to this region. It’s happened when I’ve done road trip with my family as well. And the road trip that turns into my first marriage along Lake Ponchatrain.

Even with that psychic alert, it doesn’t deter me from my faith. Oddly enough, it walks along side of it. I get to see what Keanu Reeves said in Constantine, ‘the world behind the world.’  It’s a weird thing to be one of those chosen ones.  What I will say, it makes life a whole lot more interesting when you indeed can look through a dark window and see—and see someone looking back at you.

Y’all be easy…

[image from Londonist]

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