This week? Chile, please. I have either wanted to eat, hide or fight. However, the Book of Esther in chapter 4, verse 14 let’s me know I was born for such a time as this.

MeToo #UsToo #Resist

Let’s get it!

#SenateSham #ChrisineBlaseyFord #Testimony #Hearings #Dammit #Survivors #BelieveTheSurvivor

There is a strength I saw birth and break in the countenance of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. I saw her be the scared child going by the fence with the angry dog who will chase up and down a fence. She said that the remembered, the most searing thing, is Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge laughing. That shook me. I pray for her. I really do. She thought it would be the betterment of the country to come forward about what happened to her. For right now, the vote has been moved, halted for a week. The FBI is going to reopen the background check.

Here we go.

If you ask me, I think there are graveyards in his closet. The other thing?  I wish almost thirty years ago, that same energy could have been given and kept for Professor Anita Hill. I want black women to be supported, helped and befriended–hell, STANNED FOR—like Dr. Ford. We gotta do better. Black women in many cases are not seen as being able to be raped–or believed when they are assaulted. Yet, it happens to #UsToo. We need that same support.


#IndiaLandry #Texas #WindfernHighSchool #Pledge #Protest #WholeNotherCountryIndeed #ExpulsionForOpinion

I did not know Texas was this adamant about standing for this tie-dyed dishtowel known as the American flag. To the principal told her mother if she wasn’t welcome back at his school unless she stood. USA Today, the students in Texas school districts allegiance to the country and the state!

And she was expelled because she had the audacity to have her own mind! Her school has retained counsel, and so has India’s mother. This has got to stop! You cannot just subdue someone’s opinion because you don’t like it. You cannot expel an upperclassmen because you decide they don’t agree with you.

When she sues them, I hope India gets enough money to put her own kids through college.


#ElevatorActivism #BelieveWomen #Women #ValueWomen #JeffFlake #Arizona #WomenInTheWay

The lovely, powerful Elle Dowd said on social media earlier this week that she was tired of seeing women, those whom identify as non-binary or queer, doing this work. She was adamant of reminding men to own their portion of this fight as well.

Welp, until that day comes, there were women whom put themselves in the way of the world, the media and a Senate elevator. There were women whom looked Senator Flake in his face and told him to look back into theirs. They challenged him. They told him his vote was wrong–that he shouldn’t just vote to confirm Kavanaugh to be a good party lackey. They asked him to be an ally.

This is what men miss–we are asking you to be, become allies. Hear women. Support women. Love women. Validate women. Check the men in your circle whom don’t value women or don’t see sexual assault as a problem.

When that can be done on a consistent basis, rape culture will not be as pervasive.



There is shifting here, Firestarters. Pay attention and resist.

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