Miniseries: Consent (Part 3)-The Other Party

Remember Firestarters, 1808 means the topic(s) discussed will be frank and may use frank language you may not be comfortable having anyone under 16 read. This is the third part of a five-part series. Be advised. -Admin

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The fun of sex is when it can be with another person and that person can listen to your yes, as well as your no.

Know the company you keep.  As trite and cliché as that is, realize the company you keep. Realize when you sleep with someone with whom you hold an attachment, you open yourself to all that entails.

In essence, in some cases, you consent to be lied to.

You consent to yield body and mind to someone whom desires to use you as a pit stop. A stomping ground. A notch or benchmark. Even with the capability to steal the only thing you will ever leave and inhabit the world with: you.

Now, make no mistake, bang whom you like, when you like. I won’t judge that.  I will always be the one to remind you of three things:

  • get tested
  • keep your own condoms
  • keep your numbers low

Simple stuff. Condoms will always be cheaper than diapers and prescription antibiotics.

The person you get/you chose/whom chooses you to occupy time and sex-space with are human beings just like you. And in that humanity, you have to realize they have the power to tell you no or yes. In a dark twist, they have the ability, while you are in a vulnerable state, to become deaf to what you want or need.

Sex can be so sketchy, dear one. All the more  reason to be armed with as much information as possible about sex, your personal status and not make your hook-ups random.

I said what I said.

In all your sexing, remember the only person you know in that bed well enough to trust with impunity–is you.

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