Miniseries: Consent (Part 2)- What Does Consent Mean To You? (1808)

Remember Firestarters, 1808 means the topic(s) discussed will be frank and may use frank language you may not be comfortable having anyone under 16 read. This is the second part of a five-part series. Be advised. -Admin

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That’s what a consent is. The most powerful word in the English language is yes. This world  allows what is a thought to become reality, and from that reality–a desired result.

Oh my, the power of a yes.

However, in the age of pervasive rape culture and elevated catcalling, you must understand how deep a yes goes, and what results may come. In part one, we talked about how consent is the basis of all things intimate. How consent should not yield to kink-shaming–if that’s what you’re into. #NoKinkShameHere

I would be remiss in the power of my verbal persuasion if I didn’t remark on what that yes really implies in intimate spaces which so very often lead to sexual encounters. I want you to realize when you tell someone you want to have sex with you, when you agree to have sex with someone else (regardless of gender/ gender expression) you agree to be involved physically with that person.

Indeed, you agree to connect.

That connection is beyond penetration. If your consensual encounter is outside of a marital relationship (where there is some predictability in this matter), you –to an extent–agree to have this person do stuff to you which you may not like or may have never experienced.

It happens, don’t debate me on this.

However, your yes is still powerful and can direct so much. You determine how far you go, what you want, and even how you want it. You still have the ability to dictate or stop what actions hurt; or are not pleasurable.

Even if you are riding naked, you cant still say what you want.

Remember your yes.

Remember that sex is more than parts fitting and fluids that spill. It’s meant to be a connection–not a sport.

You can take this one is a piece as advice from a girl who isn’t a prude, never considered herself one–but as a dame who ha learned to value her own self, own company and her own yes.


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