Being a woman is dangerous. Being a woman in America is dangerous. Being a black woman in America? You’re a superhero.

Let’s get it!

#RapeCulture #WomenDontMatter #WomenAreMath #HereSheCome #Planning #WatchTheTurtle #EVILGOP #ThisSomeOle #BelieveWomen #ValidateWomen #StopKavanaugh #KavaNALL

There is something to be said for owning your own history. There is something to be said for the extent people will go to in order to hide their own history. When those things

#Debate #Texas #TeamBETO #TedNo #MakeItBlue #StopTheGOP #ISawBeto #HeroStuff #DoThisRight #TedCruzAintAboutToDoThis

I saw the debate between Batman and The Joker.


I am a fan of Beto O’Rourke. I love he has as campaign ad Spanish. I love that he called Ted Cruz a liar. I love that he has had a concern for the people of Texas. I dig the fact he’s progressive.

There’s something happening in Texas. And I’m glad this change is happening right in his face. It’s about to go DOWN.

#NowTheySuperMad #GetTheCapes #SuperKap #Havard #WEBDuBois #WeTHEPeople #JustDoIt #HeDoingIt #DoItLikeKap

Colin Karpernick about to be a whole scholar prince! In October, we will be receiving the WEB DuBois award for his activism and attention to African-American issues.

I’m mama-level proud.

It’s confirmation and fuel he is indeed doing a holy work. He needs support and encouragement! At this point, if you still need to be told the phrase it’s not about the flag–chances are you know that already. Moreover, you know but your comfort is more important than your action. It’s easier for you to discuss a fruit than a root. It’s easier to discuss the action than a meaning.

Keep going, Kap. We got you.


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