Paul Manafort just flipped and about to be included in this circus housed by this dumpster fire. Y’all, hold on and be great. This is about to be a hard fought thing! Register to vote!

Let’s get it!

#BothamShemJean #DallasPD #OfficerGuyger #WeKnowThisPlace #ThereIsMoreHere #WatchTheWorldWork #ThisIsBS #CrazyIsAsCrazyDoes #WhatTheHellIsGoingOn #LockedDoorsAndKeys #B&E #WhiteWomanTearsOnABlackWomansWatch

Amber Guyger murdered Botham Shem Jean in his own house.

Don’t miss this.

This is one of those secret fears that black people have. This is a something out of a Darren Wilson playbook. This is a murder. Don’t try and clean this up! There is no reason in the world where you would be so tired that you forget where you live! I watched the press conference from Chief U. Renee Hall and saw exactly how this may just play out. The need to cover what this white woman did is encompassing. Preservation of the institution, is paramount.

There was even a search warrant executed after he was shot and killed in his own home. All I have seen throughout this ordeal is the willingness, and the desperate nature of preservation. Her family wants to say how she’s not racist, she didn’t mean it, she was scared–all the bullsh!t scary white women say. It is most taxing, and makes my soul so tired. It makes all the widows of lynching in my blood furious. It makes me suspicious and suspect of anyone in the Dallas Police Department.

Even the Chief. As of this posting, Amber Guyger is out on bail and moved out of her apartment. You tell me the depth and need for a cover-up! You tell me how this ends well!  The thing is, his mother is a government official in his hometown of St. Lucia. The smear of weed they found in his apartment, is not going to be a factor into why this woman barged in his house and took his life.

The police, these blue lives matter mongrels, all want to tout the power of the police and how they are needed–then explain Amber Guyger. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


#The3000 #EvilLeadership #WhoDoesThis #WhyIsThisStillGoingOn #HowDoYouExplainThis #NoOneIsSleep #WatchThisSpace #WatchWhiteMenBreak


You want know what I really think about 45 and this band of hellhounds he has unleashed? I think what you’re seeing is one of the things you witness in the lives of mediocre white men everyday. The preservation of power, or self and of face or position is happens at all cost! It is more important to preserve power than anything else. Most weak men do this–regardless of color or socioeconomic status. Almost 3000 American citizens died in a hurricane, and the PRESIDENT calls the report a lie. It’s a lie because he doesn’t believe it.

Let that sink in. This is indeed some full Orwell madness!

There were people without water, food or electricity–for months. Months. And the money for FEMA has been looted to give to ICE. What you keep seeing is the callous nature of bigotry and racism! Preservation of life is nothing to people whom want and retain power! The silence of GOP leadership and the lapdog worship of 45 at this point, let the observant know everything.

It is only about the consolidation of power…never people.

Register to vote.

#Nike #ImStillWithKap #NikeStock #SecureTheBag #BagSnatching #HereWeGo #BoycottTheNFL #StillWithKap #LukcyNumber7 #Boycott #Resist #Fight #PutYourFistsUp #KneelAndMove


The Nike stock is less than $85/share. I’m getting my share next week.


There was a momentary dip in the Nike stock, but it’s rebounded and value increasing. How your really beat a bigot, is in his pocket! HA!

People are burning Nikes, hating Nike apparel  and hating the NFL more! I am looking back at this and screaming laughing. I am laughing because Nike KEEPS securing the bag! They endorsed Kap not just on the strength of being on the right side of history, but to ensure they keep black dollars. Don’t debate me on this. It just is. It just is. End of story. They wanted to ensure that no dollar is left. These crazy people can burn shoes and clothes with the Nike swoosh if they want to–but Nike already has your money, fool!

Come on! Nike knows the game! These bigots don’t. Imma go get my baby girl a pair of Nikes TODAY (cackling)! So you tell me who it is that’s really winning! And it’s about to be sweatshirt season? Please.

Support Colin Kapernick. Be wise enough to know that this ain’t about the flag. This is about calling attention to what it is going on in the lives of people of color on a daily basis. This is about seeing the trauma, addressing the trauma, and making strides to change the world.

My Dad was a lineman in high school, he loved football. And I was a fan, still am. But the lives of my husband, sons, godsons are worth more than Neilsen ratings.


There was so much going on this week! Trust all things are going to be uncovered, skeletons are showing–and grinning. If you want to know more about what I’m thinking this month, go ahead and follow my Patreon page.

See ya’ll next week.









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