Miniseries- Consent (Part 1): What The “No” Means (1808)

This series is going to be an 1808. Be advised. JBHarris


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This is the definition of consent from RAINN:


Consent is an agreement between participants to engage in sexual activity. Consent doesn’t have to be verbal, but verbally agreeing to different sexual activities can help both you and your partner respect each other’s boundaries


Consent is one of those things which seem to be dynamic and static. If you desire to engage in sexual activity, consent it the key that starts this engine. For this series, we are going to discuss verbal consent; the ability to say “Yes” or “No.” You as an equal participant in this activity, no matter how hot or heavy, can say “No.” You have the right of self, of autonomy, to say “No, stop.” And the person you are with must, and should respect this.

You have the right to push someone off of you, or out of your space if you believe someone has gone too far for your comfort. Consent give your the right to control your own body and decisions. Consent is the social power to determine what you want–especially in regards to intimate or sexual situations.

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The power of the word “No” cannot be spoken of enough. As a woman, you have the right to like what your like, when you like it and how you like it. You have the right to your appetites, your longings, and even the little kinky things you don’t tell other people about and fewer people should know about. Don’t devalue your voice, your wants, desire–even your discomforts.

If it doesn’t feel right…stop. Say NO.

If you think it has gone too far…say so. Say NO.

If you aren’t comfortable about what you are asked to do…say so. Say NO.


I learned in my Gender Studies class that women are most often known or seen as ‘the Gatekeepers of Sex.’ This means that your “Yes” can make everything go. Logically, your “No”, makes everything stop.

You make it go. You make it stop.  Never forget that.

If his body is on fire, and yours is too, but remember–you have the right to say NO if you think anything is wrong, off, uncomfortable or unsettling.

You were a woman when you laid down, and you’ll be one when you get up. Saying “No” doesn’t make you anything but conscious and aware.


(More on that in  later parts. Namely Parts 3 and 4)


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