The POTUS cannot pronounce the word anonymous. There were paid protestors as a national rally. We have achieved full effin Orwell. Buckle up, buttercups!

Let’s get it!

#Dallas #Texas #BreakIns #BeingBlackAtHome #IWork12Hours #NeverBeenTooTiredToFirgetWhereILive #ThisIsSomeOle #PressConference #PressConferenceWasAFarce #WhoBelievesThisDoe #SayHisName #BothamShemJean

Let me say this…

I have worked overnights off and on for the last 5 years. I have had moments where shifts were so intense I slept in my car before going in the house. I have never been so tired that I forgot where I lived.


According to the Dallas Police Department, this white, female police officer said she was ‘tired’ and that she mistakenly went to the wrong door, and the wrong apartment unit. How do you do this, ma’am? How? I have been that tired, but never forgot where my bed was!

Like the furniture, the people, the smell of the house—you can’t tell me she didn’t know. And still in uniform, she shot and killed him before realizing she wasn’t in her house. I can’t. I really can’t. You use a key to a door, to a house that isn’t yours, see people, when they protest–you shoot them! There is a level of crazy to this that is not fathomable. The press conference today affirmed that. This dizzy broad’s name isn’t being released, but she has a manslaughter warrant—but still free.

This is some Darren Wilson isht.

#NewBook #BobWoodard #DoesAnyoneRememberWhoThisIS!!! #Woodward&Bernstein #Goals #BurnItDown #BuildBetter #ThereIsSomethingAfootHere #TheKillerIsInTheHouse #TheDeepState #IssaFarce #WhatIsGoingOn


Bob Woodward has written a book that details that better than the 3/4 of the entire staff of this current presidential administration  think he’s some permutation of idiot and unfit and don’t trustAnd upon confronted with this information, then 45 denies everything.

How, Sway?

How can a quote you said, be read back to  you, and you deny what was said–that you said?! This is the insanity of Trumpism. I can’t do it, bruh. This book needs to be on my bookshelf–it’s Bob Woodward! I gotta have this! I really do!

Rome is burning, and it’s nice to have a map.

#CardiB #NYFW #GutterSnipes #Ratchet #DontDoThis #LevelUp #WhatCierraTellYall #ThisWasOverWhat #ICantDeal #CallMeWhatYouWantButYouCan’tSayRatchet #Class #Decorum #Grace #Ridiculous

This came across my desk LATE in the day…

From what has been relayed to me, and seen by my own eyes, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a fight at New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week.

One of the classiest events known to society. Where pose, and grace are supposed to collide and expressed in fashion and beauty. Now, Nicki has been on social media trippin and clowning; Cardi B got fingered by her cheatinass husband on social media; supposedly Nicki said something about her baby, Kulture, and Cardi threw a shoe and brought every ounce of gutter snipe from all NYC burrows with her as they all just got to fightin.

Chile…this is tragic. This is sorry. This is classless.

This video of Cardi’s butt out, snapping out, and throwing shoes–leaving this event with a knot not on her head with her makeup perfect–this let’s me know so much. I say it all the time!  You have to know what game you’re playing, and play it better. What part of the game is this were you do isht like this?

How can a gutter snipe be in a Queen’s position? And maintain it?!

Nicki still responds to YouTubers, Twitter followers, and bloggers.

This is all trash. It’s all trash.

I can’t with this…do better. Everybody do better. You don’t get Versace dresses and continue acting like you ain’t been nowhere, or done anything–that has got to stop. Who in that orbit is going to say something about this?

I’ll wait.

This week was a hodge-podge. What the deuce is going on in the world? Sigh. Next week should be awesome. Let’s hope so.

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