This Isn’t Normal: Rape Culture (1808)

(Remember 1808 means this one is not safe for work.)

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There is a real problem with how this nation regards and treats women and then wants tout itself to be a Christian nation. Does the Christian right only get involved and speak about women when our wombs and vaginas are involved? Am I woman, or just female pieces?

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

The fact of the matter is rape culture is pervasive. It’s this germ that infects everything. And everyone. There is a veil that wraps itself in the ideal that women are not people but commodity. We can see this in the actions of Charlemagne the God and Brock Turner. Like, I do not understand this!

I suppose you can trace it back to the first time a boy in third grade asked me if he could touch my p—y. I remember fighting him, screaming and told her what happened. I remember feeling violated and small. I didn’t know why this boy though it was okay to tell me he wanted to take my body from me. I remember my aunts and grandmother told me ‘not to dress fast’.

I have been tall my whole life–to the point my aunt told me, “All you had all ya life was legs and ass.” No, she said that. I remember little boys starting in like second grade trying to touch my ass. Like, I never understood this—and didn’t understand why these people felt the need to touch me without permission. My introduction to hip-hop allowed me dress baggy:  hoodies, jeans, sneakers. I didn’t want to show my body. I didn’t think I was pretty until I was almost done with high school.

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The thing I find so frustrating about this current culture is the expectation of predatory behavior by men. This expectation that men will see, gather, fu-k, subdue and conquer because that ‘is a male thing to do.’ The expectation that men can only lead according to penis length and non-correlating intelligence. There is no expectation of or for the development of personhood–and to teach a young man empathy, compassion and forethought, is to ‘make him soft.’

This current social culture hypersexualizes women and girls. Tits have to be round and as perfect as asses, and the think that makes you a woman is only between your legs–and anyone should be able to have it because some men believe they are entitled to it! Rape culture outs a fine point on female desire, fashion, job choice and sexuality (read about Kink-shaming on my Patreon. Members only please!). It puts everything through the filter of saint or slut.

If the jeans are too tight and he grabs her ass, when she didn’t tell him or ask him too–it’s her fault.

If a girl is out with her friends and spurns a dude’s advances and he calls her a bitch, or shoots her (in multiple instances!)–this happens because he can’t take rejection!

Rape culture, sexual trauma are things that women have to navigate, be wary of, even to the point it controls how you do everyday sh!t; like how you dress, make-up you wear, and even the attention that you desire. This concept is about power, control and subjection through oppression.

Rape culture is deeper than the clothes you wear.


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