The Motive, The Gag & The Game

The Movement is now a buzzword. It’s a cliche, much like it was a half-century and more ago. The thing is, by nature of the word, movement is not never meant to be stagnant–it is always a dynamic, morphing condition.

However, in this permutation, it can qualified as the motive, the gag and the game. No more. No less. The motive is always the fuel that starts anything–the motive is the why. Why do you speak up? Why do you protest, do jail support, write or live stream?

Why do you do what you do?

Would you do it if no one watched or noticed?

Don’t answer. Let’s continue.

The gag is something you didn’t think about, he hidden thing you didn’t notice, the uncounted costs. The gag about being in a circle or sphere of influence of being known, is being known.

I will never claim I have that level of recognition or notoriety as it relates to activism, but I will say this–I know people that do. I know it has cost them money, personal comfort and in some instances freedom and personal sacrifice and safety. It is the why, the motive that keeps them going. The motive to change the world, fix a broken system is what allows them endure what they have. And still, they serve…with no cameras, Patreons, CashApps or PayPal accounts!

The Game? Well, let me explain it this way. I play cards, right? I still do. I have been a card player since I was 7. I’m plus 30 of that now. The thing about playing cards no matter what game it is boils down to strategy and being smarter than your opponent. You have to constantly outthink it out maneuver. What is essential to know is what rules apply to the game you are playing.

Let your Big Sis put you up on game.

Not every activist is honorable, knowledgeable or concern about the communities they advocate for. Not every activist is known or wants a to make themselves known. Moreover, not all activism looks the same. Remember this. There are people, like myself, that do their work on two fronts: I write and I demonstrate. I’m vocal and I legit want things to be better.

I want the right to be black without feeling like public prey. I want children to have clean water and educational equality for children of color. I want Nazi’s to not serve in public office throwing paper towels and people trying not to get typhoid or cholera or diphtheria.

The Game is to know where I am, what to say and who to say it to. Where can I play these cards, mane! What situation requires an Ace or a Jack or do a hold and see what the newbie cats are about to do? What is the best thing to do or the next best thing to do?

Activism, social justice, progressive ideology requires you know the Motive, the Gag and The Game. Trust, THE HOUSE is trying to take all you have on a hourly basis, fam! We fight so that doesn’t happen.

Consider this your check up, your social or emotional GPS. If you desire to do activism/social justice work–welcome! Your contributions are needed and necessary. But I need you to ask why you want to and would you/could you do it if no one watched?

Have you considered the cost of what you’re about to be involved in? The possibility of arrest? Injury? Being ostracized? Job loss (oh, it happens!)?

Are you prepared to be a strategist, sounding board or a voice of reason? Do you know what game you’re playing? And if so, can you play it better?

The Movement is not trash, it needs to be critically evaluated every so often or when isht just doesn’t look right! That critique is not a dismissal but a charge to do better! Movement is ongoing, but we have to know how to go on. Direction without progress is stagnation. Movement is dynamic, forward-thinking/planning and purposeful.

Be a part of the movement.

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