I didn’t watch the Fune (Funeral). I’m plotting my world takeover and watching Rome burn. Someone has to be on post–that’s a job for a Firestarter.

Let’s get it!

#Grief #Funeral #BlackCulture #Repass #Services #MoneyDontChangeThat #ArethaLouiseFranklin #Fune #Hats #SheAintBuriedYet

Y’all…I knew it.

I knew this funeral for Aretha Franklin would be long and unorganized. And to this posting, it just ended within the past 3 hours. There were pink Cadillac’s (I love that! Thanks Mary Kay!) 7-8 eulogies, folk got happy, Ariana Grande should have never sang Natural Woman with that nightgown she had on–and it was six hours and some change.


She deserved every bit of this celebration, every bit of this adjulation–but 6 hours?! And she still above ground?! I can’t y’all. I can’t. I am on the mindset for funerals to keep them organized and together–grief is hard enough, but they are for the living! This shouldn’t take as long as it is! LOL

But then again…I want my homegoing as bougie. She even had outfit changes! Ha! So that means Patti LaBelle’s has to be as grand, right?

#2975 #PuertoRico #Life #HurricaneMaria #HurricaneSeason #Why #YouKnowWhy #IntersectionOfBrownImmigrantAndAmerican #DerelictGovernment #LifeAndTimeLost

This week, the death toll from the devastating storm one year ago next month is astounding: from 64 to 2,975. When I heard the initial number being less than 100. I didn’t believe it. That storm was too big, too much widespread damage for that number. This number? Feasible and understandable. The reaction post-Maria is/was abhorrent. The people of Puerto Rico are American citizens and should be entitled to the same protections that position offers.

Why is that hard?

Oh, because these people are neither white, nor wealthy and the president is a bigot. Incredible.

#JordanDavis #PoliceState #15YearsFor15Years #FTP #Accountability #HeIsStillDead #Peace #Anger

Jordan Davis is dead because there are too many scared white men whom are in positions of authority whom have access to firearms.

I am happy of the verdict, I am not elated, nor content. I am happy–it’s a temporary feeling. I know it will be replaced by rage later. The officer said he opened fire because “he feared for his partner’s safety.”

I call.

For the young black men killed by the police, this is the catch all basket for this madness. I am so tired! I really can’t. Why be that afraid and unable to rely on the training which stops you from being that afraid! I don’t get it!

I want to be positive in thinking this is the start of accountability for law enforcement. That the system is improving, but police murder is a Sisyphus level problem and thinking. This is a start towards better, but we have to have faith better is coming–and I’m not totally sure yet.

Alright! Make sure you vote, drink water and protect your space from toxic relationships or crazy people. And above all else, keep going. R.I.H. Aretha Franklin.

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