AUGUST BOOK REVIEW: HOW NOT TO GET SHOT (And Other Advice From White People) By D.L. Hughley

“The most dangerous place for black people to live is white people’s imagination.”

-D.L. Hughley

I remember D. L. Hughley being on Comicview in the early 1990’s. I am happy with this transition from comic to satirist and humorist. This book demonstrates his humorist dexterity.

The book is based on a interview D.L. had with Megan Kelly on Fox News. The same state television that touts “If (blank) had just obeyed the police, this wouldn’t have happened?”

In typical Hughley fashion, he turned that experience on his head asking, “What if Megan Kelly is right?” From that focus, we have HOW NOT TO GET SHOT AND OTHER ADVICE FROM WHITE PEOPLE.

I must warn you, if you decide to get this book, you have to be a familiar with history because he parallels current with the past. And to quote the book, “White people are the arbiters of knowin’ shit.”

The book is divided into 5 parts:

  • How not to get shot by the police (“Police don’t normally shoot people with books”.)
  • How to look
  • How to act
  • Understanding white people
  • Tidbits of advice for white people from black people.

If you are a fan of the GED Section of the D.L. Hughley Show, you will love this book. If D.L. Hughley makes you skittish? Well, that means the book is doing its job.

From politics to how to wear your hair as a black person, along with safe music and dangerous music, D.L. Hughley walks the reader through the farce that fuels this comply or die rhetoric akin to Virgil and Dante walking through the Divine Comedy.

He let’s the reader know exactly silly this rhetoric is, how to be safe as a black person is to make white people comfortable, how signs are important to survival, and how 45 is ‘the real nig-er’ they thought President Obama would be!’

The satire is biting, the sharp whit reminded me of my father, and as a black person? I found myself screaming laughing at portions of this book! I laughed because of the complete accuracy of what the right parlays as what good negroes can do to not be murdered by the police.

This book needs to be in the hands of anyone whom calls themselves an ally to the Black Lives Matter moment, involved in any aspect of social justice, and law students. This book needs to be shared and discussed! And not just around black people!

D.L. Hughley pulled no punches and held nothing back. At the end of the book, as the epilogue ends, he makes this final observation with the care of any concerned parent:

“How do you not get shot by the police? Don’t be black.”

My sentiments exactly, D.L. Black is a weapon and I wear it everyday, locked and loaded.

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