Revolutionary Warfare: Never Is Not An Option

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The social justice trinity is resist, question and agitate!

These things coexist and work like the roux to any gumbo. They are essential to any planning towards a common good, a corporate goal and is the NO2 tank to  break the walls established by apathy, indifference and helplessness.

To be helpless is for a moment, in remaining helpless you have made a decision which compromises any chance you have to be effective:  you can’t see the change you desire to make!

Here, dearest one, is the roux. This is the essence, the essential element to and which will use and require the best element of self to do what you must to make the world more just, more fair and more uncomfortable with oppression, avarice and genocide.

It can be daunting, is daunting to be a part of any large movement which requires denial of self for the interests of others. It can be thankless and hard–yet necessary. It is necessary to work to bring light to the sufferings of others. It is necessary to work to dismantle systems of oppression, recognize dehumanization and work to preserve the quality of human life for all those graced with its gift.

In times of change, in times of greatest opposition, revolutionary acts become undeniable. The act of pairing voice with presence along with sustainable focus in and with those of similar passion makes one revolutionary. Giving up, relinquishing the goal is not an option.

I want you all to know resistance, activism, the push towards social justice or aspects of equality are on going. Coretta Scott King  said freedom must be won with/for every generation. This is now our turn to fight. The state of the world requires your involvement.

The state of the world requires your involvement.

There is a portion of activism that will require something from you. It will require decisions, being uncomfortable, and sacrifice. There is no way around this. It will require you owning what it is you are passionate about and what you are working to change. You cannot be content to latch on to the glory, passion and work of other people as if it were yours. More on that–click here.

Being revolutionary is not a trend. You are establishing a new boundaries, constructing new ideals and avenues. Social justice isn’t meant to be something that cycles enough to fizzle out. Social justice work, the work of equality, the desire to change the world cycles until that cycle completes which turns into something else!

Case in point: 

Voting rights.

Voting Rights Amendment added to the US Constitution- 1965 (Victory)

Current problem:  2018 gerrymandering, voter suppression

(Progress/Fight to equality)

The first portion of this push is over, and it is at the result of the first part  of a victory, which reminds you of the work left to be done. There is still work to be done. Giving up, stopping, believing it will never happen–change will never come–is not an option.

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