There is something going on here. This nationwide nightmare is getting worse—which means it might be ending. And Omarosa’s book is a New York Times best-seller. I can’t. I’m glad my novel comes out September 22. Make sure you cop one! #Ruby #WhoIsRuby

Let’s get it!

#TheEndIsNear #TrumpCrimeFamily #IvankaIsGonBeUglyInOrange #MichaelCohen #ThisIsAmerica #Manafort #GraveDeep #WhatIsIt #IBetchaIKnow

Paul Manafort is going to jail.

45 out here looking like a bloated, unlearned Al Capone.

He has no idea how the works–has no one seen Goodfellas?! Casino?! Like, you never wanna be Joe Pesci. 45 is Joe Pesci.

He got in front of the entire world and said he hated people that ‘flip’ and cooperate with law enforcement. He’s  governor or villain from Law & Order or CSI:  Wherever. There is no way around it. He has done something so big, so illegal, so heinous that everything else is collateral damage!

I won’t lie to you. I cackled when Michael Cohen flipped. I cackled when Manafort got arrested. I cackled that he was guilty and a the man that owns the National Inquirer asked for immunity and is flipping! I legit wish I had a peek into the bedroom of this man. I really do! It is hilarious—this entire paper world is falling down around him, and its burning on the other end of it!

Tick, tock.

#SerenaWilliams #BlackPanther #Queen #QueenSerena #TheyHateTheCurves #WhatIsThis #FrenchOpen #Restrictions #AnythingToStopAQueen #BawseMoves #ForTheGreater #Takeover #DoItLikeSerena

I am beginning to think the tennis world low-key HATES Serena Williams! I really am! I am of the mind that the starched white tennis skirt world of professional tennis does not like anything, will not accept anything on the level of Serena Williams! She was told she couldn’t wear her ‘Black Panther’ catsuit.


The powers that be over the French Open told a grown black woman what she couldn’t wear! This bothers me. You cannot dress this up in what you think they may have wanted to say. This is another way to stifle black women and control how our bodies our valued and seen. Truth be known and told, the lily white girls don’t want to be reminded that their shapes were never the ideal.

The catsuit is also a tool for her health! It reduces the chances of her developing a blood clots!

Everyone that has watched Serena since she was a phenom  cornrows with beads knows that she has always been fashionable, and she wears catsuits!

That’s like me with my coffin nails with gel polish–it’s a signature.

Let the black girls be great!

The world keeps catchin up to what we have already discovered, mastered and moved on from!

Note:  The Kardashians didn’t invent glass hair trend. It’s silk press and a doobie wrap. I can’t with people.

#WhiteWomaning #RapeCulture #SheRolledHerEyes #WomenAreTreacherous #BeCareful #TruthTelling #BeVigiliant #BeSober #SetUps #HoeMoves #ImNotSlutShaming #OwnYourSexuality #DontLetSomethingLessThanAFootF-ckYouHarder #Men #MenDoBetter

We are now in an era that white women are being distrusted at every turn. We know 53% of white women voted for 45–and then turned around and said they weren’t racist and were concerned about the country.

Aight. 😒

That not withstanding, we have this dame out of New York that accused two black men of rape–one lost his football scholarship over it! She is looking at having to be fined $30k for this lie as well. At sentencing this trollop rolled her eyes and smirked!

What about this is funny?

She said she lied about the consensual encounter because she didn’t want to lose a relationship with a potential boyfriend. She is the worst kind of stupid!

This is the type of lie that green-lighted the murder of black men. This cavalier attitude was photographed and retold in the lives of women that choose to sleep with someone of the opposite/different race for sexual curiosity or rite of passage! She/They covered it up because she/they considered the person of limited value, the interaction of lesser value, and the privilege to return to life as you controlled of ultimate value!

She will spend a year in jail.

The young men she accused had their lives altered and names disgraced and all she can do is roll her eyes.

Please, to my fellas who follow the blog, don’t let these dames do their penile acrobatics and oral gymnastics for you and then run back and lie. Treasure your time, your space, and who you share time, peen and sheets with. Not every baddie is worth it!

Remember your Big Sister in a Blog told you, and will keep telling you…just because you can stick in there, don’t mean you should!

We will make it through this one too, beloveds. Do better, be better and we can all move towards the better.

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