Not Pretty For A Big Girl, Pretty Period: Advocating Body Positivity In a Size 0 World

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August is Activism month here on The Ideal Firestarter and I want to take this time to reach out to big women that are afraid to go out in public on their dates.

I think it’s important to remind ourselves that we do not have to apologize for living life while fat! Here are five tips from a fattie who does all the dating she wants! (That’s ME!)  


1.) Don’t be afraid to go out with your date. They want to be there with you. Enjoy your motherfucking self. Feel free to ask where you’ll be going. Look a place up. Ask about their seating. Ask if they’ve had any issues. Nobody knows who you are on the phone. Call and see if you’ll be comfort at their establishment, if you’re unsure, suggest going to a place you’ve been before so you’re not insecure about your seat. 


2. )We all get nervous. Someone MIGHT be staring. That’s not your problem. Enjoy your date. Laugh. Smile. Flirt. Order dessert. 


3.)You came out to have a good time and the rare asshole in public truly is rare. Most people talk shit quietly so, ignore them sis

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4.)Dress to kill. Whatever you got in that closet that screams, ‘FUCK EM UP SIS!’ put that shit on. Slay. Murder them all. Be so sharp if you turn too fast, you’re slitting throats heaux!

Fuck. Them. Up. 


5.)Last but not least, do not stay on a date with a man who isn’t opening your door, offering you wine, asking if you’re comfortable. You’re a goddess.

Your size is your size.

Your heart is your heart.

Your beauty is skin deep and bone deep. Don’t be afraid to let a sucka know whether you’re a size 2 or a size 32, YOU run the world sis! You and your fat thighs, jiggly gut and your Cotton candy kitty cat rule the world!

Don’t let a peasant forget his place!


[Images from Google and Pintrest]

One thought on “Not Pretty For A Big Girl, Pretty Period: Advocating Body Positivity In a Size 0 World

  1. *gives a standing ovation* YASSS All of this! We are no longer living in a day and age where plus sized women, big girls, hide themselves. There are way too many plus sized models, that aren’t a 12/14 plus representing. This is an amazing post.

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