I am getting my copy of VOGUE! I am here for Rosie O’Donnell trolling on the front yard of the Gates of Gehenna! I am here from people not taking no more madness from crazy colonizers!


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I am so excited for all this black girl magic I am seeing! I am thrilled and overcome with a sense of pride that I am sure I can only relate to and among other black women. Seeing Queen Bey on the cover of VOGUE is thrilling, and I cannot quite explain why. It is something about seeing this woman whom has been through all this chaos in the public eye, whom has built herself into an entity or an icon and then be on a platform making decisions about how she will be seen.

It’s edifying to the little black girl in me whom only saw white Barbies and thought they were prettier than the black dolls I had. It was soothing to show that little black girl that I was that her skin, her hair and her lips are all beautiful–and it okay to celebrate that in the face of people whom don’t like it, while remaining unbothered.

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I told y’all…I called it!

When this broad got put out as the token nigra high-wire act of this traveling dumpster circus known as an administration, I said MONTHS ago, she needs to stop playing and just write the book.

Well, she did.

Chile, I may just buy it to say I have a copy! But this I ridiculous. She is now saying everything every conscious black person has been saying about this president. I am not shocked. The type of broad she is–I think she did record conversations in the White House, I think she heard just enough truth to be credible. I think she heard just enough truth to be dangerous. I think she is just smart enough when she left her office in the Sunken Place to have her back pocket full of information.

If 45 can profit off this parade of jackassery, why can’t everyone? Make your coins, sis.

#MichaelBrown #MichaelBrownJr  #Activism #Voting #HereWeGo #Fight #Agitate #Change #Policy #ByeBob #CountyProsecutor #Prosecution #WesleyBell #CanYouFeelABrandNewDay #Ferguson

I never get tired of reading this!

I will never get tired of seeing or sharing this!

Robert ‘Bob’ McCollough NEEDED to go. I understand prosecutors have to be pro-police. I get that. I don’t like it, but I get it. That doesn’t make me or anyone else whom has a issue with the police and their current practices anti-police. It makes us observant!

There was no reason to think or believe while #ByeBob was in office that anyone whom was killed by the police and not white would  ever receive justice. There was no way possible. There would be no way forward with him in the seat of Herod Agrippa!

There is a general, palpable distrust of the police in St. Louis (ask me how I know). #FergusonIsEverywhere and I have seen first hand how white officers interact with black or brown people. It is not a figment of my imagination;  it’s not an overaction; it’s not reaching; we aren’t ‘playing the race card’–all the 52 cards are from a racist deck!

How can the race card not be in the deck?!

I guess #ByeBob was shocked at his campaign HQ when he found out his 27-year reign of terror was ended by a black man half his age. He said the results were skewed. No, they weren’t. He thought he had this sown up like a pillowcase. Not so!

I guess he will go haunt the halls of a Fox News before people try and disbar him. I suppose now the ‘good’ white (read:  racist) folk of St. Louis County will have to rally around another they perceive can protect them from the scary melaninated people. In the words of George Lopez:  “We aint goin nowheres, aye!”

There was so much happening this week, ya’ll. I am encouraged, and still want to remind you all (if you are in the United States especially), to register to vote! Make sure your address matches your voter registration card. Make sure you vote in the November election–it’s our turn to fight.

RIBF Note:  I am aware of the stunt The Academy of Motion Pictures did considering the impact of Black Panther. That reaction will be on my Patreon on Monday. It’s in the final stages of creation, once completed it will be posted to the blog.


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