Activism Means You Do Something

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I get it. The world is a dirty, messy and frustrating place. There is a psychotic racist orange persona of George Orwell’s loudest nightmare is in the highest office in that nation. That kind of dismaying frustration can paralyze anyone striving to do good in the world. However, you must! Fear is only a paralyzer–it servers no purpose of aside from self-preservation. In the sight of the need for change, fear has no place!

The very meaning of activism means you have to move–to be active! There is a cause! There will always be a cause! There is always something that you can do! Don’t let the dictating situation snatch voice or power from you. Your voice and presence are formidable for change.

It is trite and appropriate to remind of the oft-quoted Ghandi about the matter of change, activism and social justice:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It is at this hastening,  in the resisting or raging against the dying of the light, find a cause to give voice to, give presence for even donate time and money to. There is always a need to sponsor activism work. Harry Belafonte even paid the bills and other expenses for  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

There is never not a time where the work of activism doesn’t need funding or support. This is not a sponsored post to remind you to throw your money wherever without wisdom (Good Lord, please don’t!)! What I am saying if your consider yourself an ally or passionate about a particular issue, due think of providing some sort of financial assistance! With the invention and advent of *Patreon, you can offer sustainable support to causes or those whom are a part of those causes.

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There is a need the world has for your passions.

There is a need for your voice.

There is a need for your to add your presence to the choir asking, demanding for a change.

Never think or dare believe those things will not matter.

I tell you the same thing I tell my own daughters, “You can do something.” You can do something and you need to. The world is too dark for your to hoard your own light. The world is in dire need of people whom will indeed be like the *Good Samaritan.

I make no qualm about my faith and the role it plays in my decision to be involved in certain causes. Again, there is a cause! My cause, the main reason why I help, give time, support (and yes, even money!) is fueled by my faith. It is because of my faith I can be bold in believing what causes speak to me, inspire me and to know it is because of Jesus Christ I can say I am an activist.

I have found something, multiple things, for my hands to do. One of the things that is close to my heart is actually AIDS research. Part of this is because of my age. I have been in and around the medical profession my in entire life. I have not known a time when AIDS has not existed. I remember when Ryan White was put out of school because he contracted the virus from a blood transfusion. I remember watching CSPAN when the medicine for HIV/AIDS was an uphill battle between ACT UP, the federal government and the FDA.

Your life of activism can start with a shared post, a hashtag, or a conversation. But if you are passionate, if you feel that you can do more, do more.

The world needs more light. Be one.

*As far as online donating options (Patreon, CashApp, PayPal), I encourage you to research or know the person you are donating your hard earned money to. Also don’t be duped into giving when you don’t know the person either! Patreon is a great option to give to a cause anonymously and with either a sustained giving or one time donation. There are those that do activism work as a paycheck–not for funds to further a cause. Use wisdom in these matters, or you can give directly to an organization (St. Jude, Red Cross, Susan G. Komen, etc).

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2 thoughts on “Activism Means You Do Something

  1. Yeah thats the barrier that keeps us behind our lil house/crib walls,it keeps us from stepping out of our comfort zone,it keeps us making excuses for why we dont have the time to do anything,it keeps us seperated in our thoughts,economy,culture and rogetherness.


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