The nation is in a spiral towards the manifestation of George Orwell. There is an element to writing that is prophetic. The game is definitely afoot, beloveds. Don’t think it isn’t!

Let’s get it!

#MaddenIsCancelled #Kaepernick #7 #ColinKaepernick #MrKaepernick #SayHisName #BlackOutNames #WhatTFThis

Wait a damn minute.

EA Sports is trying to block out #7?! For real?! As many men that I know play Madden!

EA Sports is cancelled.

If y’all still playin Madden after this, y’all are cancelled.

#Vogue #Beyoncé #TakeoverBeRightNow #GetItHowYouLive #Magazines #BlackWomen #DoingTheGreater #DoingWhatDreamsAreMadeOf #KnowTheHistory #KnowHistoryToMakeDestiny

Queen Bey is not playing with us, do you hear me!

Now, have I been a stan of hers? No. For the amount of time Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter has been famous, I have had a cordial fandom with her. I’m  in favor of anyone aspiring to do better, and especially, to quote from the 4:44  album, if that person “has the same hue as you…”

The upcoming issue of Vogue will be totally at the vision of Mrs. Carter. When I tell you I am absolutely HERE for this? I AM ABSOLUTELY HERE FOR THIS. She will be gracing the cover of the September issue with complete control over her shoot.


Imma need y’all to really get into what just happened with that.  There is a resurrengence around us as a people that I am digging, and loving. I am loving the fact a black woman is on the cover of a magazine like Vogue with complete creative control over her likeness and its shoot!


I am overjoyed, and more than thrilled. Imma have to subscribe to Vogue.


#TillYouDoRightByME #TheSunkenPlace #RentInTheSunkenPlace #CallItWhatItReallyIs #HereWeGoAgain #SomethingGottaGive #DakPrescott #DallasCowboys #WhoShocked #NotI

Dak Prescott is a co-n. I’m sorry, but he is. But he is also the QB for these raggedy Dallas Cowboys. I mean, Massa already sent out the word to not try no funny business, so Dak gotta go tell the other boys he in charge of that this is for real.

He doesn’t think anyone should participate in the kneeling protests because (and this is his quote) ‘it takes away from the joy of football.’  You  know what else takes away from the joy of football, Dak?

Dead young men that look like you!

He doubled down on these comments this week of course. I remains to be repeated–The Sunken Place is real! There are people that pay rent to stay there–there is not challenge to your idiocy there. There is no real light there–your ignorance cannot be exposed where there is no place for that exposure to occur.

This is similar to what Jesse Owens did for and to black athletes during the civil rights movement. He would remind them that pro-athletics would be the best way to take care of their families, as well as themselves, and to ‘just do what these folk ask you to do.’ However, in light of day 70 years past the integration of baseball, how can ‘just do what these folk ask you to do’ still be okay?

Dak is trying to preserve his check, and you can’t tell me different. Do you sir, but still know, if they want, they can replace Good Negroes too.

I didn’t watch the NFL last year, and this year doesn’t look likely either.

#OhioStayBigMad #LetThemStayMad #ThisIsAmerica #LeBronJames #KingJames #GOAT #JordanAintOpenSchoolsInChi #ButHeStaySellinThemJordans #IAintWorriedAboutIt #IPromiseAcademy #ThereIsACause #Justice #Education #HereWeGo

First of all, before any chatter starts–I have not heard of anything Michael Jordan has ever done after or during his basketball career to improve the lives of the children or families in the city of Chicago, Illinois. All I know of is in light and attention of what LeBron is doing, Mr. Jordan can now be seen doing more things as it relates to community involvement and social justice programs.

Second, the fact that Fox News is staying pressed about this, I am loving. I am loving the bewilderment of the racist, clueless white folk whom cannot stand the fact LeBron James is out here doing great and marvelous things.

I am here for this! I am excited about this academy being open, and I am humbled he would even do so. By right, he should not have to do anything else for anybody else! He could make his money and be done with it! But, he is choosing to contribute to the lives and families of those in the community he was born in. This says so much about him as a man.

As far as the crew of pressed people, stay white shirt pressed! Stay that way! Keep that same energy, sis! LeBron has done something incredible and of legacy. I would hope this serves as a template to those whom desire to achieve wealth–remember to give. In quoting the first line of one of my favorite books, The Great Gatsby: 

Whenever you feel like criticizing someone just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.

Each one teach one to reach one.  Well done, Mr. James.

Last week I noticed I didn’t go into everything I wanted, and I’m working on that. It happens from time to time. This week, in light of the madness befalling the planet, I wanted to remind myself (and all of you) that we will make it through this too.

Be blessed.

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