Need Space? We Got Some!

Starting August 2018, The Ideal Firestarter will be offering blog sponsorship space!

Why this is awesome?

This is awesome because of the opportunity for a project’s exposure–whether it’s a you are working on, a new book or even a local event!

How much is a sponsorship opportunity?

A blog sponsorship is $10, which can be sent through PayPal. In the invoice, please put BLOG SPONSORSHIP.

When will my sponsorship run or be acknowledged?

Blog sponsorships are posted at least one week after receipt of your information and payment. The traditional posting days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As a sponsor for a post, you can choose which day you would like your ad to rub.

What and where does the money go to?

The money from blog sponsorship goes to the maintaining of this platform, payment of contributors and towards future endeavors headed or created by The Ideal Firestarter.

Is there another way to send monies?

There is! If you would be inclined, there is a CashApp: $TheIdealFirestarter.

How many times a month can I sponsor a blog?

At this time, the administration would ask that the maximum is two sponsorships per month to give chance for others to sponsor a blog if they so desire.

Thank you so much! The Ideal Firestarter will have a Patreon page! At present, this page is in its final stages as well! Stayed tuned! Amazing stuff is happening!

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