There is a balloon of a president floating over the nation we were once a colony of. There is an irony to this I can’t quite explain. I’m not shocked, I don’t care if red caps are appalled, like my Uncle D.L. Hughley this week–I’ll make time.

Let’s get it!

#NappiesAreDiapersInTheUK #CanYouBelieveThisIsht #IfIWasntAliveToSeeItIWpuldSwearItWasALie #TrumpBaby #IssaBalloon #ItsHellaAccurate

I’m not going to dwell on racist orange dementia patients. I have cooler stuff that demands my full attention. What I will say is–THAT BALLOON IS HILARIOUS! The protests in the UK for this visit have been such that I almost wish I was a Brit! No lie! This dotard went to a geopolitical theatre where almost 80 years ago fascism was identified and defeated (!!) thinking no one would dare say anything in protest.

I don’t have anything more to add to this administration. I promise I don’t! There is a segment of the population hellbent on seeing ‘a white man run things’ while other white men rob them blind. Nall bruh. My father told me when I was a girl something I will leave with you all:

“As much as you can, avoid foolishness at all cost.”

One third of the American people don’t want to do that–stop dressing foolishness up as patriotism or nationalism. Call it what it is and not what pundits tell you it might be.

#HarperLee #AtticusFinch #SetAWatchman #SouthernGothic #Complicit #EmmettTill #WhatIsTheGame #TooLate #WhatNowDOJ #ToKillAMockingbird

Emmett Till was murdered by two white men that broke in the home of his cousin’s house in Mississippi in August of 1955. The United States Department of Justice is headed by white supremacist Attorney General Jeff Sessions. There is no reason to open this case, reopen this case. We know who killed Emmett. We know why the racist white men killed a 14-year-old child. We know how they killed him. We know the name of the woman who said he whistled at her. We know all these things. From what has been released, along with reporting by The Atlantic, it would seem the book The Blood Of Emmett Till which records what can only be seen as a confession by Carolyn Bryant Donham as to what happened to Emmett Till. This woman is going to be 84 this year. The  men that killed Emmett Till are long dead. The only reason this case could be reopened is to find a way to excuse this woman and her lie!

There is no way to get around this. This woman lied on a child, and because that child was black, it doesn’t matter. She told Dr. Tyson this because she didn’t want to miss Jesus!


#BioPics #WhitneyHouston #BobbyBrown #Why #NotSurprised #Profit #Causes #Effects #NotReady

I am not ready for a Whitney Elizabeth Houston biopic.

I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care–I AM NOT READY! When Whitney Houston died I couldn’t listen to her music for a year. I am just now able to listen to her sing. Just now. What her story means to me, as a woman is just who and how many can go with you when transition in your life occurs–and when you have the wrong people in your life, they can kill you or at least kill what you carry in you.

I am legit not ready. She should still be here with us. She should be healthy, and sober and still singing. She should be here…and she isn’t. As much as I may want to be voyeuristic and just go see…this one, nall–y’all can have it.


That’s all this week, loves. Love someone this week. Encourage them. And most of all–love yourself.






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