At the time of this posting, the co-creator and legendary artist for one of my all-time favorite comics, Spider-Man, Steve Ditko has passed away at the age of 90. From the staff at The Ideal Firestarter, we say, “Excelsior!” #SteveDitko.

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So, Nikki Minaj got a blogger fired?! Like I can’t with this week, Sis. I cannot. All this blogger did (know as @Wanna on Twitter), was say she wanted Nicki to do a mature album, boss level stuff, because I ‘a new direction is needed’–and Nicki found this girl who was minding her business on social media, DM’ED her and tried to read her. Like, I can’t. I really can’t. Crazy! Bruh, the fact Ms. Minaj didn’t have anything to do other than do this speaks volumes! The blog/media firm she was working for fired her saying she violated a NDA. So confused.  If you are really making boss moves, really trying to embody what a Queen does, you don’t have time to address peasants and those unworthy. Energy is precious, dear ones. Don’t give it to those who don’t know what you bring or what you want. I’m a fan of Nicki, and I want her to be okay. For a woman to be 35 still doing back spins talking about how good her sex is on national television—when she has the capability for more–nah, I’m good.

#CapitalGazette #TheseLettersIsDangerous #ItsOnly26Letters #IDontWannaHearAboutFakeNewsAnymore #ShakenAndStirred

Last week there was a shooting at Capital Gazette in Annapolis, MD. There is a fear that went through me when I saw this report. The fact we live in  time and era where the most powerful man in the free world is a 70+ year old internet troll, who says the media is the greatest enemy of the nation—as a writer, you can see why I’m unnerved. And from that feeling of being unnerved, I write more. I these deft skilling of writing and recording more–I am that much more motivated to become a better writer, a better editor and a better reader. This incident has forced me to become better, and realize the time in which I am writing in. If the POTUS can tweet bulls-it, then the real writers of this nation can write and record and call him on it.

My heart was heavy this week, beloveds. I am hoping that the heaviness leaves me, and the joy returns quickly. Keep writing, resist, and if they shoot you –in the words of Auntie Maxine Waters–they better shoot straight!

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