The world is still shrouded in darkness. Determine to be a light. We are determined to be a match. We are a match! Let’s get it!

#OperationRunMeMyMoney #Strategy #GamePlay #WhatchuPlaying #IPlayChess #LamesPlayCheckers #LadylikeBossMoves #StepYourP*yUp #Build #TimeIsAlwaysMoney

So, Mo’Nique is in the news again for releasing a taped phone conversation of her and Tyler Perry (sigh). I’m not going to say how petty and silly this is. I’m not going to keep saying this is a situation with no strategy. She is out here trying to play checkers while other people are playing chess like Tyler Perry.

In releasing this tape, she has proved nothing other than she has no money. We all know she was done wrong. We all know she was blackballed, and we all know (now) Lee Daniels isn’t the most forthright with money and details. We get it, sis! But how you fix it is not low-key shaking down Tyler Perry, founder of Tyler Perry Studios for money Lee Daniels should have given you! This situation is frustrating only because she isn’t listening or paying attention! You cannot be right and still want to tear isht up.

And Damon “Dame” Dash?! You rolling up on Lee Daniels in public over this $2 million and put it on IG? I can’t, bruh. As corporate savvy as he is, Dame is still a hustler from NY. And he must be low on funds to be running up on cats for money he lent a decade ago almost. As raw as Mo’Nique is, she’s still a girl from Baltimore who ain’t having this nonsense. The difference is in execution. Should Dame have called Lee out in public? Nall. A broad like me would have sued–to quote Jidenna, “keep my gloves dirty but my hands clean.”

Someone needs to remind Mo’Nique that the goal is to secure all bags. Not put holes in them.

#TheWorldIsBurning #Children #Family #Reuniting #NoPlanPOTUS #WhatchaGonDoNow #Equality #Justice #Fairness #LatinxLivesMatter

There was never a plan to reunite children with their parents. There was never a plan! I am going to need pundits, aside from Rachel Maddow, to stop being shocked by what this administration is doing. I need that to happen, and quickly.

The plan was to round up as many people as cattle as possible, warehouse them, and send them out as day laborers. You cannot tell me anything different. You cannot tell me this was a noble thing to do–this is about money and racism fueled by white privilege and fragility.

This administration now has 30 days to reunite over 2000 children with their families. The federal courts might as well have told DHS to empty the ocean with a spoon.

#OurAuntie #AuntieMaxine #RepresentativeWaters #AuntieMaxineWaters #WhoRunTheWorld #BlackWomenAreSuperheroes

Now they want civility? Huckleberry Sanders got put out a restaurant because she works for a white nationalist misogynist. She got embarrassed and then she got Secret Service protection. Congresswoman Maxine Waters calls for disobedience and confronting the MAGA nation, and scarier conservatives are calling for her DEATH. A black woman, born in St. Louis, in 1938, is being asked to be civil with an administration bent on either eradication or erasure depending what the price/profit margin is.

Congresswoman Waters has a target on her back because she is a black woman, in America, with influence. This nation is in a danger of swinging back to an era where humanity and protection of law are stamped out. Due to death threats, she cancelled some events this week. WTF?! She is almost 80! But because she is outspoken and versed in the law, and black, she must be stopped. I can’t with this.

The time for civility is over. Civil disobedience is necessary. The time to apologize for factual reporting of occurrences is over! Why apologize? Why? No, I shall not apologize. No! There is no reason to make white supremacy, its allies, supporters or enablers comfortable. Especially, when the whole government seems to be bent on keeping me and all of mine uncomfortable.

Resist. Resist! RE-DAMN-SIST!

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