You Get What You See: Monsters In The Mirror

A nation of immigrants just used the highest court in the land to once more authenticate bigotry and racism. The Travel (Muslim) Ban has been passed as a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling. There is a venomous evil that is afoot in this under the guise of law and protection. This administration is masterful at allowing those in power to inflict fearful tantrums upon the marginalized, disenfranchised and the ‘different.’


We have seen innervations of this type of discrimination disguised as protection before. We have seen what it can do, will do, to those whom have the most to lose from loss of freedom or access to justice. This nation has seen the fruit of this poisonous tree, yet we continue to plant it. We continue to offer the fruit to those whom are disenfranchised, angry and apt to scapegoat. Perhaps this is part of the social mirror of this nation, an accurate gauge of this republic.

With the false presentation of Islam in its radical form, to then decide to authenticate the false form of a religion with the seal of law, is to show ourselves as a nation as the worst kind of lie. We are not a nation of immigrants. We are nation of predators and Darwin professors. We are a nation that hates to be exposed to what we are truly at base nature—because that would mean we are no better than any other nation whom we call savage.

We are no better than anyone else we tell to change, there are no angels of a better nature—only the cold reality of whom we are as a nation: scared and bigoted. We are frightened children running around in the dark. We are constantly looking for monsters. We are looking for someone to blame or slay so we can make our lives perfect again. This nation does that justification through oppression, scapegoating and racism.

In the wide world, we still have not find the monster whom torments us in the dark. The best way to explain it is from the pen of Rod Serling in the groundbreaking series, The Twilight Zone, in the episode entitled The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. The monsters are in our mirrors.

The monsters are us.

We, the people, decide who amongst us fit the nightmares we cannot solve. Once they are identified this nation of frightened children, assail the gates to corral them believing all ills may be heaped upon them and they, the people, freed and whole.

As with all things vicious and timely in this nation, it has been deemed those who practice a religion based in peace, should be warred against. The light must be turned on so the monster can be seen in its true form. No dragons. No boogeymen. Those of us who hold the mirrors know the monsters always have had two legs—and need to be reminded of just that.

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