A Note On Civility From The Admin

With all that has happened within the last 48 hours, I am over the word civility. I am reminded of Romeo and Juliet, when Tybalt saw the Montagues out in public and Benvolio tried to be a peacemaker, and he said, “Peace, I hate the word.”

There is something to be said for the role of civility in democratic republic. Civility enforces the rule of law, respect for the fellow man and the ability to define what peace is, resistance looks like and protest in times of social change. There is a time for civility, now is not it.

We have an administration determined to obstruct, destroy, abduct, redistrict and consolidate any and all power. They have chosen to abscond with all forms of power in the name of government at the cost of anyone whom is not white, cis-gendered, straight and male. The powers that be have decided power is to better to be feared than loved. They have decided in the name of God and country to join forces with a Mad King.

And we are supposed to be silent because our cries for freedom, fairness and justice because now they are inconvenienced. Our challenge is unwelcome. Our facts are snubbed. Our mouths demanded to be shut because to give sound and fury to what has happened is to reveal the farce that is defined as freedom and expression of this burning experiment this country is turning into.


Civility. I hate the word.


They desire civility because challenge is in unaccustomed to the powerful. Power hates truth because truth possesses innate power to dismantle what lie it confronts. In asking us whom are the oppressed, whom are hunted and marginalized or murdered, yield to oppression because it is convenient and civility comforts the powerful is asinine. It is in the nature of man to resist when the world attempts to destroy them. Now is one of those times.

(c) June 2018


Civility is not the tool for the furious. Resistance is.

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