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Y’all.  This is America.

I wish I could come to ya’ll with the funny-sardonic observations this week, but when I saw children in cages, that sapped any humor I had this week. When I heard Fox News Channel’s main propaganda program Fox & Friends, say, and I quote, “These aren’t our kids.” I made the decision then this weekly aspect of light needed laser focus.

The last week has been inundated with every nightmare every parent has experienced. You child, the thing with the universe has allowed you to create and to shape, being taken from you for no other reason than avarice, malice and control. This country has allowed the world to see under our skirts and we have no drawls on. Meaning, we have been totally exposed and there is no cover up because too many people have seen it.

This nation has decided to scapegoat all those whom are not white to the problems they believe affect and effect white people. There is such a fear that surrounds the birth/death rate of these red-meat MAGA maggots that the only way to quash it, is to eradicate anything and anyone who decides to assert any aspect of personhood.

This nation put children in cages.

They looked like dog kennels–there is more punishment given to people whom hoard animals than this. It is to the benefit of bigots to be versed in law so they can cipher and reignite coded language to achieve goals–like putting children in cages.

In the madness on this week, all I could do was write. I made the decision to steel my resolve to not have my voice, my platform, my life and those whom I hold dear abused and abandoned because people have an issue with me and mine only trying to live. Why is that a problem? Why is me trying to live and get what is mine by equality and equity such an issue?

The reason why I believe this is so is fear. The fear those who believe eradication, oppression of other people is the only way to bestow or seek power, fear the loss of these things gained through these same means.

It’s never fun when the rabbit got the gun.

There is a genuine fear racists, bigots and their allies have in regards to this concept of equality. The jig is up, and they know the piper must be paid by someone someday, but they have determined it will never be them–no matter how many roadblocks, law, and bodies whom they have drained of blood to hide it.

There were children in cages at the southern boarder of a democratic republic. The leader of that same country, rather than try and heal, is determined to undermine and destroy what it means to be a sentient American–with a pep rally talking about the people whom have been killed by illegal immigrants.

You can’t make this isht up.

But notice, there is no peep about all the outrageous, murderous shenanigans legal white folk, namely white men do! But okay, it’s Runitback Friday–let me leave that alone, fam.

There are children in cages at the southern border of the United States. The United States government sanctioned the legal kidnap of children, separation of families, and has no plan on how to fix this fiery bullshit. These families have been split up, blown up and ripped apart simply because racist white people are afraid of being replaced. In the words of Papa Pope, “You people [here racist white people] are a virus.”

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