06182018–Number 47

There is something that broke in me when I saw his chestnut brown face, black shirt, with a big square sticker on the front of it–with a 47 on it. I wondered if he could even read it.

As a mother, I am horrified. As a American, I’m not surprised. As a one who identifies as a Christian, I am enraged. For those whom will read this, outside the United (Divided) States of America–this is bullshit. We are living in active fascism. There is a holocaust brewing at the southern border of a democratic republic. There are people, Latinix human beings,  housed in cages, tents and in what can only be determined as a nuanced work camps.

If I wasn’t alive to see it, I’d swear it was all a lie.

Make no mistake, you are seeing just what we are seeing. Children are being taken from their parents for crossing the border illegally as a deterrent! Don’t be leave the state television of Fox News. This is really happening to children whose only crime was no being born white, and whose parents do not speak English.

Edmund Burke said, All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to sit and do nothing. ICE is acting as the gestapo, and even arresting people whom are naturalized citizens and residing in the country for years.

It’s not crisis actors, Anne Coulter. It is happening and the POTUS doesn’t care, Melania–he clearly bought and sold you!  This is the beginning of something more heinous. This is the beginning of something on the level of slavery. All we see are the male children–I shudder to ask where the girl children are!

Do not call yourself a believer in God and be okay or silent about this! There are children right now whom have been stripped from their parents, lost or otherwise displaced or stolen for being told they have entered the country illegally.


This is why DACA is important and should be protected.


This is why humanity still must be shown in this situation even in face of the law!


You do not put human beings in cages to prove a point!


In situations like this, it is easy for you to become despondent, helpless and apathetic. Don’t fall pray to this. Call Senators, write, protest and vote! For the love of God, VOTE!

Don’t be tricked to think you can do nothing. You can do something, you and I must to something, even if it is as small as showing light where darkness persists.


If these children were white, they wouldn’t do this.


[image taken from Facebook, 6/18/18 from the account of Deborah Messing)


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