This month I read ‘You are a Badass’ written by Jen Sicero.

Available on Amazon for $9.95

This book is a self help book determined to teach us how to embrace the greatness in each of us. Though self help books are not my favorite, I have found a few of them to be quite helpful. This book is one of them.

Although we hear every day that we need to flood ourselves with positive affirmations and good vibes, I personally feel guilty or foolish at times pumping myself up. I start to feel like maybe I’m being ‘extra’ or like I’m not being honest with myself about my limitations. This book reminds us not to do that to ourselves.

With chapters about not being too critical of ourselves and ‘your brain is your bitch’, You are a Badass takes a surprisingly amusing approach to teaching us to make a habit of being our own loudest cheerleader instead of our harshest critic.

I enjoyed this book and I encourage yall to go ahead and check it out.

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