In The Company Of A King (Love Letter To Black Men)

Image result for black panther and storm


Chocolate, my butterscotch, my beige dream.

Do you know what you mean to me, and the world you house?

Do you know the fire your cause as your hands go up my thighs, and  the smile reaches

my eyes?

Your presence, your power, your voice offers me the comfort of a storm

on a hot summer night.

You prove me to me on a daily basis that God is real and He is the personification

of your reflection.

I need you to know

  have known you as my mother knew her love and her mother

before her lifetimes over, now and future.

I need you to know how incredible you are

and will remain.

I want you to stay with me, build with me, love me for all I am and will bring forth.

I want you to be healed and whole and look to me to help you, not fix you.

I want you to remember my heart is yours and it is fragile..

and that love subject to cool

and disperse when sensed it is no longer seen or appreciated.

I need you to know, I need you just as the world does:  completely.

I have searched the millennia for love like yours, like ours, my King.

Don’t leave me again…

love me as you always have so that we both will

remain whole.


[image from CBR Community]















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