Honor Of Our Men, Part I: Fathers Matter

My father passed away when I was four years old. This year, marks 30 years of his passing. Thankfully, I was given a step father, who was pivotal in me becoming who I am.

When I was a young girl, he would say things like:

“Tell your Mom ‘thank you’ for cooking.”

“Don’t forget to tell your mom how great the food was.”

“Don’t forget to show your mom how much you love her and appreciate her.”

I would make it a point to do everything that was asked of me, but then I wondered, how come we never got to do the same for him?

See, Glenn Moore, my stepfather, was a man or integrity. He also cooked, cleaned and made sure we were protected. He also went to work every day. He was an amazing painter. He is the reason why I still try to cook my mashed potatoes like his and why I know how to pain a ceiling without making a mess.

His personality was absolutely the best and when I had a teacher who once called me ‘stupid’, he had no problem going to my school, and letting this teacher know that it was not okay.

We have so many fathers in this world who are single fathers. They do regular stuff: wake their kids up for school, do their hair, help them get dressed, make beds, wash clothes, go to dance recitals, protect their kids from bullies, read bed time stories, pretend fight the Boogeyman, do dishes, have tea parties (in full costume), etc.

We don’t give enough praise to our men! They, too, are the ones who hold our families together! Yes, we as women are strong, but we are better and stronger when our spouse is around. When a child has pushed you to your last breaking point, it is. something about these words that are terrifying to a kid: “I’m going to tell your Daddy!”

Here is to the men who feel like you don’t get enough recognition. Those who wipe noses, stay up late when your child is afraid to go to sleep, who go to Daddy-Daughter dances to who show us how a man should treat us. The ones who do cater to us all while having to work an 8 hour plus day–knowing that the only thing you can expect when you get home is to take out the trash and that you get the big piece of chicken (Thank you, Chris Rock!)

We love you!

We adore you!

We thank you for being there when so many have walked away!

We love you for all of the many self-sacrifices that you make in order to make sure your children are happy and stable!

We honor you for being able to not only deal with your children but having the patience to love us in spite of us.

And it’s a reminder for me for my own husband, Reagis Quarles: My King, I love, adore and honor you!

[images from Google: top image from Google and Atlanta Black Star; middle image From Google: debbie-debbiedoos.com]


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