Black Men Matter

Let me say it again, black men matter!

Their welfare matters. Their dreams matter. Their families matter. Their contributions, emotions and potential matters. Their ability to be a person, with flaws, matters!

In this current swath of culture, from the motivation and dream of both Malcolm and King, to the stunts of Kanye and the suspect nature of Charlemagne tha God caping tough for Tomato Lemon, too often we box black men in or exclude them all together.

Today, right now, I add my voice to my forefathers, as the daughter of a black man. I tell you, black man, you matter.

You are bigger than boy.

You are not and are never a n—-.

Your worth is not based on your body count (ie: sexual conquests), the length of your penis or the freshest fit.

You are more.

You are all you are destined to become–future awaits you.

I know the world right now is dark, and we as black women, black girls, need to feel safe and protected. We need to know we matter. The sons created from our wombs need to know manhood is not an illusion or a distant future. You are needed son of the Most High, descended from princes and Kings of warrior stock. Your bravery, your boldness, your character and candor–it is all needed.

Let us in, beloved. Let us love you and offer your respite. Let us challenge you–not to provoke you, but to open you to what can be, what is, and what is (or may no longer be) necessary. Let us rule this realm together.

Black women are not to be ruled over, but comforted and cared for. You, as our male equal, are entitled to one whom will love, honor and build with. Loved tough only as we build foundations to legacies unparalleled.

You are needed, Black men.

There is a thunder in your throat, and when you speak God is heard. Your power has launched strength of innovation, invention, art and technology. Do you not know what your blood and seed house? The universe, the entire universe.

Reach up, Black man. Keep reaching, Black men. The future is your present, now is fluid increments of time–impervious to your talent. It is all yours for the asking, there for he taking and it does not make you weak for asking for help with the blueprint of how to take over the world.

Ask for help.

Learn the game to play it better, that’s what your forefathers did.

Own your experiences—never manipulated by them.

And above all things, own your humanity. Too many have died to secure it.

We love you. Stay here with us. Fight with us. We need you.

Black men matter.

[images from Etsy and YouTube]

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