There is a darkness in the world this week. Normally, this is bright, light spot in and on this corner of the world. Today, I will do my best to be an anchor and a light. Keep searching for that light–and be willing to share that light with someone who thinks there is no longer light to be seen.

Let’s get it. (Sigh)

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My attention is not swayed. The pardon on Alice Johnson does not move me. It is not a factor to the craziness of this traveling dumpster fire. I am so glad she is out of jail after spending twenty some years in jail over a non-violent offense. I am glad Kim Kardashian was able by her presence and whatever else to get her freed. Fine. But make no mistake, I am not fooled. The POTUS is pandering and think he slick. And to try and pardon Mr. Cassius Clay/ Urban Prophet Oracle Muhammad Ali after the SCOTUS did in 1971? I can’t. I really can’t. You want to pardon a man for the same thing Kap is doing? White hypocrisy. Chile, I cannot.


#Suicide #KateSpade #Fashion #Icon #AnthonyBourdain #Depression #Love #Light #Support #MentalIllness #MakeItMoreThanAHashTag #Chefs #Passion #Hope #Joy #Heal #BeHealedAsYouGo #MoreThanASemicolon #TherapyIsntACurseWord

Kate Spade was 55, with a net worth of $140+ million. She built an empire with needle and thread.

Anthony Bourdain was 61, with the world indeed as an oyster. From chef to world traveler.

Money doesn’t buy love or happiness. Depression is a real disease. It requires real love and support. No one can peer into the heart of people, know their inner workings to the point of changing behavior. No once can know the amount of pain another person is in. YOU cannot know, unless they tell you—and even then? You still make not have a complete grasp of it.

The world is always a little darker when creative people leave the world. It seems that laughter doesn’t reach, the smile doesn’t reach the eyes. It seems with the loss of Kate Spade, there is a veneer around being rich and happy was cracked. With the loss of Anthony Bourdain, it seems that with even following your passion, one could still mask a pain unlike or in kind to those in your immediate circle.

Therapy is not a dirty word. Asking for help is not a weak or being weak. Even the strongest warriors sometimes need an army to help them conquer. As a woman of faith, I believe in the power of the Almighty, and therapy. It does not make me any less of a woman of faith to exercise the right to go to therapy (and I have before, and in therapy now). Some of us, just as the ten lepers Christ healed, in the King James Version, they were healed as they went. There are some ailments that have no supernatural cure, the cure comes from the journey–and whom you meet along the journey.

One of my favorite meme quotes goes something like this:

Be kind to everyone you meet. They may be fighting battles you know nothing about.

I try to live my life this way. I try and be light and love where I travel in this world. I try to be mindful of how I treat people, how I respond to people, and how I can be a help. There is a way to be light without being overpowering with the intent to shatter people. Mental health is a real thing, and mental illness needs should be addressed.  Just because wealth has given someone else a different vantage point, does not make them, or remove them, from the cares of this world. Sometimes it amplifies just how lonely you are.


Next week will be better, beloveds. But this week, we mourn so we can remember to dance.


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