My birthday is in 23 days. This administration is aging us all faster than raisins in the sun. Y’all better put vibranium in your sunscreen and in your water and keep it moving!

Let’s get it!

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I don’t like to get into celebrity gossip on this part of the world, but this here is something all together different. As fellow oracle Kimberly N. Foster of For Harriet said about Kanye when he came through the whole innanet looking like a happy fugitive slave, bares repeating. She said this on Twitter:

“We have been talking about Kanye’s downward spiral for the last 5 years. When does a spiral just become who a nigga is?”


Hella accurate.

So Kanye has produced the new album for Pusha T, Daytona, and paid like $85k to use a 2006 photo of Whitney Houston’s bathroom after an alleged drug binge. I can’t. I cannot with him anymore. Like no more. This ninja has lost the rest of his mind. And Bobby is no better! He is one of the reasons why Whitney is dead. He wanted her money, and now he has a greater portion of it than he ever hoped to get when they divorced.  As an artist, I know it is a tool to stir up, evoke emotion and start conversations. Trust, I get it. But damn, fam! She’s dead! Is there no respect? Where the eff is the line? Where is the decency? Where is the creativity as it parallels with respect? Bruh! I mean she died in the most lonely way possible, and whomever took this picture and sold it is trash too! Don’t debate me on this. Kanye wouldn’t want his mammie’s autopsy photo used on someone’s album, then don’t use Cissy Houston’s daugther’s photo on the album of a dude that is in a rap beef with Drake! I can’t. I quit.

#PrisonReform #WTH #Trash #SheIsWhiteWomaning #ICantWithThis #WhiteHouseIsMadeForThoseLikeHer #WhatWereTheyReallyGoingToDiscuss #HintNotNothing #FalseFlagging #MakeThisTrollopStop

I didn’t hashtag Kanye’s wife. I am over the both of them this week! The both of them are ravenous stunt queens. This stunt his wife pulled yesterday (5/31/18) was over the top for me. It truly was.

She went to the White House (a fitting place for her considering her history and this history of the imposter POTUS), to talk about prison reform. In the last few weeks, she has been visible in this arena, with the most visible case being Cyntoia Brown in Tennessee. Now, she went to the White House, amidst pomp and circumstance, and didn’t take anyone with any history or work in this arena. Not a lawyer. Not a community organizer. Not an ex-con working in this capacity. This is why I cannot take her or her husband seriously.

Did they talk about racist nature and implication of mandatory minimums? Did they talk about the racist system of implicit bias which equips law enforcement to kill with impunity? Did they talk about the people of color that have died in the custody of law enforcement? Did she tell this President the Blue Lives are only Smurfs?

But she looked like she went there on a mission akin to what is only rumored to have happened with JFK and Marilyn Monroe…

I cannot. There is more than enough work to be done for and with social justice causes in desperate need  resources or visibility–there is no space for this type of shenanigans. She is incapable, white women like this, are incapable of truly being an ally. Why? They have no vision or true involvement in the causes they familiarize themselves with.

If not an ally, she is an obstacle.

#DondasHouse #Legacy #TooMuchKanye #IAmNotAFan #DondaIsSpinningInHerGrave #IDontGetIt #IDontWannaGetIt #WatchWhoYouBuildWith #WatchAndLearnAndPray #RedemptionIsWhen #WhatAboutTheKids #Chicago #HeGottaWholeChildNamedAfterAPlaceHeAbandoned #WhatIsHisLegacy #DoesHeKnowWhatThisMeans

Dr. Donda West deserves better than this.

For all she contributed to the lives of up an coming artists, to have her name and her son associated with this level of chaos is a slap in her face, after having it her face spat into. With has happened this week, is a desecration of her memory, and a black eye to the charitable organization that bares her name.

The mission statement, the vision of Donda’s House is to foster the talent of Chicago ages 14-24. What happened from a Twitter request from Rhymefest, Creative Director of Donda’s House to Drake, became a blow up of what can only be described as utter fuckery. Kanye’s wife threw her privilege, her status and her whole ass in this situation–and from that, Donda’s House made a statement declaring they would be separating from the founder, Kanye Omari West. The organization, in all the ugly truth, we now know she and her husband, have not contributed to this charity. In Kardashian fashion, she said they hadn’t contributed because of ‘mismanagement’.


Her husband out her advocating for a fugitive slave catchers, and we’re supposed to be okay with this? No ma’am.

I am not surprised, nor sad about this. It is a blend of shock, awe and amazement. For all Kanye’s professed vision and visionary ability, he can’t see what he is now in league with, responsible for, and ramifications of. I don’t think at this point, as quiet as it’s kept, he doesn’t care anymore.

He doesn’t care anymore.

How fitting the first single of his new album is Ye Vs. The People. The gauntlet has been dropped. He’s at war with us, y’all. God be with him…because no one else will.

That is all for this week, Firestarters. We push on, and make the days better. Nothing very good or very bad lasts very long…in that, we have hope. Hang on to hope.

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