Black Girl Magic. Black Boy Joy. We have always been royal.

If you are an ally, remain one–we don’t have the time to waste on those that sneak plates from the cookout, but won’t say your life matter. Let’s get it!

#DuchessMarkle #FamilyDrama #Honeymooning #ThatsHarrysWifeNow #ItDoesntLookGoodSis #StayMad #GlowUpsAreReal #LetHerBeGreat

Megan has Duchess school for six months. I would love to see what that is! I am loving her glow up!

As of this today, Harry and Megan have been married only a week. From the glory and  splendor of  their wedding, Megan’s half-sisters are tripping. From her sister and father trying to sell pictures of her and Harry (someone had a bill due, and you can’t tell me different!), her other sister is snapping off about other personal madness. All I can do is laugh…

As sad as this is, all I can do is look. With everything Megan has gone through with this broads, it almost seems as if she was built to be Harry’s wife. You have to understand Firestarters, sometimes its family that never wants you to do better, or may hate you because you are.

#BaptizeDemons #TheRunUp #BEMindful #BeMindfulOYourMouth #WeAintTheOne #ThisAintIt #ThisAintWhatYouWant #SheLuckyItWasJustWater

So Toxic Lemons got a drink thrown on her at a hip-hop brunch on Minneapolis. I only have questions. The fam in attendance let her know her white womaning wasn’t going to work there, and one of the fam in attendance straight through a glass of water at the Witch -itch of The West. No lie, I screamed laughing. She went on Fox News and said the incident was ‘disappointing.’

Tomato Lackey knew not to go there but she did because Becky’s like here believe they are untouchable as long as there is a black person in that space willing to cape for her. Nall, ya boi Charlemagne was absent or off. This dame says all this outrageous stuff and thinks no one will or has a right to say anything to her. Alt-Right Barbie can stay pressed like her roots and that tired blonde.

She’s lucky that water is all that was thrown at her.

#KanyePleaseStop #WhitneyHouston #KanyeAlbum #NothingSacred #SoulsForSale #LostCauses #AlbumCover #IsHeDoneOrAreWeFinished #KanyeWest #Worrisome

I’m tired, y’all.

Donda’s boy is a general nuisance to blackness and The Culture at large. I request all membership and or citizenry to Wakanda, cookouts, barbeques, and any place where there is social movement which needs a voice or influence be revoked from Kanye Omari West.

This dude paid to have the photo of the bathroom Whitney Elizabeth Houston died in as an album cover!



I’m almost relieved that Donda isn’t alive to see this–it would have killed her. I’m not shocked any more by Kanye’s antics–it just lets me know he has no one in this life to tether him to reason, respect or self. There is no one to pull him back from descending further into The Sunken Place. The people who should, would or could are not. I don’t think it’s from lack of trying–it’s lack of access and Kanye listening.

It’s stuff like this as to why I can’t take Kim Kardashian West or any of her family seriously. I can’t take Kim Kardashian West as a wife seriously. When he brought this idea to her, kicked it around with her, what did she say?


Here’s what I would have said-


If you don’t get this BS idea on somewhere! What kind of man are you that you would even think about doing something this vile? What if someone found the room your mama died and make that book cover, album cover, or a shower curtain? Then what? You’d be mad at all outdoors!

As creative as you are, could you use another picture? Think of her mother and her family. Ye, I need you to tell me what is wrong–you aren’t together. Let me help you. Talk to me.

The world is on fire, beloveds. Put out the ones you can, start the ones that are needed and use wit and wisdom. Check y’all next week.

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