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So, our big cousin Clifford Harris a.k.a T.I. got arrested this week outside his own house, in his own gated community, because he misplaced his keys or other reports say he was drunk and trippin. Guess which one I believe. So the scary colonizers of his community called the police because they ‘felt threatened.’ Colonizers make me so tired. They make me so so tiiiiied! There has to be some accountability in this madness! You call every time black people make you nervous, or wanna barbeque or are just living life? Nall. At some instance, we are going to have to confront the need these breed of white people have to just remove black people from any space we occupy! Like black folk show up, and then the police have to be called because white people are taught it is their job to police and subdue anyone who is not white. I can’t.  With 45 replacing the Almighty, these MAGA supporters believe they have been deputized to recoup the birthright of what it means to be white in this country. By 2040, white people are noted to be a soon-minority-and they can’t stand it…and it shows.

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Now, how about this madness is Phoenix. This girl sent this young man she met on Tinder (IKR!) 65,000 text messages. BRUH. In the 5 years I have been with my husband I havd not sent him 65,000 text messages! She sent him better than 500 after the first date! As a mother, whom does not have sons, if I did–it is broads like this that makes me want to make sure he would have his own condoms. C’mon! 65,000 text messages! When she was caught and arrested, she said, “I just love him so much.” That is frightening, yo. She moved to California because she felt like she had to! She went to his job! Like?! For all my male Firestarters, my little brothers–quit meeting this random broads off social media without having a wingman! It does not make you gay to be safe! Luckily she was somewhat harmless–but if she were a little more bent? Bruh. This could have been so much worse. Mane.

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Chadwick Boseman got to speak at his alum’s graduation this week. He did an amazing job. Yes, he did the salute! But he and T’Challa are not the same person. There was confirmation that BLACK PANTHER is going to have five movies! The DVD release is fast approaching, and as a black writer? I am thrilled. I am beyond happy and Dr. Chadwick Boseman sounds so sexy (Sorry, bae!). He spoke to the activism at Howard in light of the financial aid scandal, the tradition of the HBCU and the promise of the graduation class. I am so excited to see what Chad will do next. He’s bigger than T’Challa—and T’Challa can’t hold him. Keep ’em mad, Chadwick!

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It’s problematic, y’all.

This week Salma Hayek claimed that Harvey Weinstein accosted her and Lupita said the same thing. Harvey Weinstein denied that happened–now, the issue is I know white men like him. I’m know what it means to be a secret fetish–and denied openly. I believe he tried it with them, and they told him, “No.” As I told a friend of mine, “You can’t have all the p—-. You just can’t.” The hypocrisy of whiteness is ridiculous–all p— is pink, but when I say what happened to me, or when another woman of color tells what happened to her, she’s called a ‘liar’, and ‘a whore’ or ‘overly emotional’ because no white man would ever want a woman that isn’t white.


The fly in the ointment is when the actress Jessica Williams talked to Selma about this matter at an event, Salma didn’t want to sully a happy event with her information. Bruh. Really? This is from the linked article:

[Jessica speaking–]

Can I interrupt, because I feel misunderstood,” Hayek agreed. “It’s not shutting you up. I feel misunderstood on one point: We should be also curious about our brain. By being the best that you can be. That’s what I was trying to say to you. Let’s not just spend all the time in the anger, but in the investigation.”“Baby, I’m Mexican and Arab,” she went on, addressing Williams. “I’m from another generation, baby, when this was not even a possibility. My generation, they said, ‘Go back to Mexico. You’ll never be anything other than a maid in this country.’ By the head​s ​of studios! There was no movement. Latino women were not even anywhere near where you guys are. I was the first one. I’m 50 years old. So I understand.”

“You don’t understand,” Williams said, shaking her head quietly.

This article is from last January, but Salma’s comments are so relevant. Her reaction this week to what this man said about her accusation of him, puts her in a different level of hypocrisy. You can’t want to be believed, and then try and silence those who need to be heard the most. You can’t do that, Salma. You can’t. Black women have it hard enough–why make it harder? Unless, you think silence is advantageous.


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See y’all next week.



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