Infinity Wars:  Part I has been out for two weeks. No, I haven’t seen it yet. But from the BLERD nation, I shall–I will–and it will be amazing. I consider Thanos every ex-husband, and those who will defeat him the righteous anger of every slighted woman. Gamora, doe! GAMORA!

Marvel, take the wheel!

Let’s get it!


#YaleUniversity #AirBnBs #WhiteWomenAreDangerous #WeCantBBQ #WeJustCantLive #WeCantJustBeGreat #WhiteWomenTearsAreDangerous #PoliceAreBusyRight #TraumaOnEpicScales #WeJustCantBeBlack

From sleeping in a common area in Yale University, barbequing in Oakland, Starbucks waiting and not waving at nosy white women looking at through front windows, this feeling is summed up by my big brothers in blogging over at Very Smart Brothas. It is summed up, as only the young, gifted and black can:

“They’re annoyed that a product they purchased (America) or a subscription they signed up for (whiteness) isn’t working quite how they envisioned it–perhaps there’s spyware (black people) that’s bothering them or an error message (black people doing something) they can’t get rid of. So they call customer service (the police) to fix the problem (us).”

There is a insidious, blatant racism in these matters. There is a truth here that is unacceptable. It is unacceptable because the behavior is unacceptable! It is now damn near impossible to just be black and walk around the world. When thrown back into the face of whiteness –tears are shed by the accusing white women whom hide behind fear and righteous indignation.

We have the right to breathe and be! We are not a tradeable commodity. We are endowed to be, just as anyone else. If you call the police on people of color who are doing nothing wrong, and you feel uncomfortable, yes–no matter how many black friends you have, you’re a racist. As Father Oracle James Baldwin would say, “You’re the nigger baby, not me.”

#ChildishGambino #ThisIsAmerica #Art #Ministrels #PlightOfBlackEntertainers #TheSunkenPlaceIsReal #RaceRelations #WhereWasTheLie #NonePresent #GetTheSymbolism #WatchItMoreThanOnce #DonaldGlover

Donald Glover. All the wins this week. All of them. I have seen this video 5 times. I showed my husband. I wrote a whole blog reaction to it. See that here. There are still things I’m unpacking from that video. It impressed me on the basic levels of black and artist. It makes me happy to see black men create, tell truths and be bold. Even as his acclaim grows, there’s this humility around him I am compelled to follows and be attentive to. This Is America has us talking–and some of us are focused on the fact Donald’s babymama is white and how that disqualifies his black experience.

Bruh. No.

Here we go…we’re missing it, family. His babymama is white. Donald Glover is still a black man. In America. I’m sure he can’t take that off, or be disqualified of his blackness because he is with a white woman. Don’t miss the work tripping of who his is sleeping with. Focus, y’all. Focus.

#Humanity #JohnMcCain #ThisIsWhereWeAreNow #Veterans #GOPisAJoke #Indefensible

Lord. I am the furthest thing from a conservative. Trust me. If you have followed me for this long, and on social media longer, you know this as gospel truth. For a White House Aide, I will not mention her name here, to disavow the life and opinion of Senator John McCain, whom is a veteran and POW, because “He’s dying anyway.” There is a ridiculous element in that is nothing short of repugnant. She is a horrible human being. Senator McCain’s daughter, Megan, doesn’t know why she still has a job in the White House. Easy, little Megan. She’s white.


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