The world has gone mad. I hope The Avengers quit playing, Thor get his eye back, and Thanos quit being thirsty so we can ask King T’Challa to close Wakandaian borders! Ain’t nobody playin with these people!

Let’s get it!

#MichelleWolff #WHCD #WHCDA #BoldWomanIsht #ThereIsAMethodToIt #FlatfootedAndDoTruth #WomenDoBoldIsht #BlameTheWhiteWomenThatVotedForHim

So, the world is mad at Michelle Wolff? I have no idea why. Baldwin said the goal of the artist is to disturb the peace. Comedy, drama, writing-those artists whom color the social landscape, by right of talent, expose the hypocrisy present which the world ignores.

Read: Michelle Wolff did nothing wrong. NOTHING.

She stood in front of a room of primarily white people and was as honest as any mediocre white man would have been. There was not one lie told–no ego catered to. No ego spared. I’m proud of her boldness. I push towards that level of awesome (hence one reason The Ideal Firestarter exist.

This president is a bully, and he’s soft as Egyptian cotton. He is used to people catering to him, his manhood only determined by inches and his ego—and for a price. Michelle had no price and never for sell. She’s embracing the blacklash. Why? She did nothing wrong.

Until 57 percent of white women admit they were wrong, Michelle shouldn’t admit she is.

#MuteRKelly #Chicago #Music #TimesUp #MeToo #ThisIsLife #StopExcusingCrazy

I’m old enough to remember when the whispers of Aaliyah marrying R. Kelly were rampant. I remember singing along to She’s Got That Vibe, and slow dancing to Your Body’s Calling Me, and I Believe I Can Fly.

Those rumors never dispelled. And because they didn’t dispell, I ruminated on them–not out loud. Never out loud. That would make it all too true. With this age of #MeToo and #TimesUp, #MuteRKelly is the next logical step. We as a community know what he’s been up to and it has remained urban legend.

In #MuteRKelly, we have to be willing to confront the system and situations that make powerful men insulated as it relates to abuse and devaluing of children, especially Black children. Are we legit ready for that?

I hope and pray so.

#Ye #KanyeIs #IsItReally #400YearsWasntAChoice #HeASmartDumbOneWithNoFacts #HeForgotWillieLynch #Nall #DondaGonRiseLikeJesusAndGetHim

I’m done talking about Donda’s son.

At this point, I’m waiting for the Behind The Music. David Banner, too, I consider a free thinker–but he would never say anything like this here.

I saw the Charlemagne and Ye interview. Charlemagne said Kanye sounded ignorant–I don’t believe that is so. That is the curse of visionaries: you always see what ain’t there –and people call you crazy when you do. And crazier still when you try and build what you see. I think Kanye is no different.

However, I think the problem lies in its execution. Kanye Omari West thought of he got enough money, being black wouldn’t matter. Or doesn’t matter. That’s not so—and I think he’s grappling with that…but we not gone sacrifice all of us as a people to appease a dizzy theory, ‘Ye. Your money gets you into other doors–but you are still black in all the mirrors inside the room. The system is rigged by race and money, Kanye–not equalized by it.

If your wife recognized plight outside of her IG following and retweets, she would see all you want is affirmation and love unconditional. That’s a job for Jesus, bruh. It really is.

Aight, loves. Check me next week where it may be a little lighter–maybe. If not, we still gon make it.

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