Call Tyrone

“I’m gettin tired of yo shit…”

Eryka Badu, Tyrone (Baduism)

I want to know what he thought when he hit the lick the first time. I want to know what he was thinking the first time he got a financial aid check for over ten or fifteen thousand dollars. I want to know what he said to the people he knew on his dorm, or out on the HU Quad who were waiting with bated breath for Fed Aid Day. I want know when world around him broke into the world within him, telling him he stole $435,000 who did he call first–his Mama or Jesus?

The ramifications for this young man and the Historically Black College University system he attended are innumerable. Not only were their employees stealing Fed aid by claiming tuition reimbursement and Fed grants, but this too! Keep in mind, there is a particular question that asks if you have tuition reimbursement because you cannot be eligible for need-based grants and tuition reimbursement while applying for financial aid!

So, everybody stealing? Okay.

I want to know what he thought or thinks now. Tyrone Hankerson, Jr. was a law student set to graduate within a year. I want to know why he did this! I want to know where this money is! I wanna know if he taught someone else to do this! I want to know…was it worth it? I want to ask all those involved was it worth it?!

So…the whole Financial Aid office raggedy, a student employee (a FEDERAL WORK STUDY POSITION), is stealing so no one was going to say anything to him, because they would have to tell on what they were doing! This man made up award letters to grants that didn’t exist and the Howard University Financial Aid Office paid it out! Again, if the staff he was working with busted him, they would bust themselves too.

I cannot say I’m surprised more than I can say I’m astounded. I really am. I wanted to attend an HBCU, Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. It was because of money I couldn’t go. There is rage in this I cannot place…but often familiar to understand for those who often have the grace to attend college, just never the money to enroll.

There comes now, the aftermath. The potential transfer students (in and out of Howard University), new high school grads that idolize HBCUs, the enraged alumni, shifty donors, disgraced board members and broken hearted students. This isn’t a easy fix, fam.

The window is broken and we are holding a broom to sweep the glass up–but when we look out to see who did it? There’s a mass of folk pointing at each other saying,”It wasn’t me! They did it.”

Yet, imma still hold this broom! If we don’t hold each other accountable, who will…


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