There was so much this week. So much! Welcome back and welcome home.

Let’s get it!

Part 2 of 2, Firestarter!

This one is a 1808. Remember 1808 is NSFW.

#StephonClark #California #KillingFields #FTP #KillingFieldsAreBackyardsNow #ThisIsTooCommon #AbolishThePolice #UnapologeticBlackness #ShutTheWholeStateDown#ThisIsBullshit #PUSH #PleaseUnderstandShitsHectic

They shot him 8 out of 20 times in the back believing he had a gun. Shot in the back means he was running away. The colors black and blue don’t wear well no matter the season–black is never in fashion to the police. He was in his grandparents’ yard, and they thought he fit a description. The pathologist said it took him 3-5 minutes to die, and those bought with tax payer money waited all those 300 seconds to call for help. I’m tired, y’all. I’m tired!

I will say it again until policy changes and these motherfuckers underdamnstand! WE ARE HUMAN! We are not animals! Our skin color does not determine our accessibility to humanity! We will not be reduced to hash tags! We come from the continent where life begins! Black contains all colors! If blackness is to be restrained stop tanning, getting ass implants and idolizing Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter!

Shut it all down, Cali fam!

#AnthonyLamarSmith #BlackBloodDoesEqualMoreGreenDollars #CivilSuit #ReopeningTruth #StLouisIsDamnNearASundownTown #MissouriIsMississippiNorth #FTP

This week the civil suit the Smith family has against the second mediocre whiteness mascot (the first being the scary cop that murdered Michael Brown Jr., I think the coward is hiding out in Lake St. Louis or New Town!), because the DNA presented and the DNA found don’t match!

Aight, Sis…we all knew something was up!

This is the madness of the legal system we navigate. This is the bullshit that is allowed to be pervasive when law enforcement goes from mortal to godlike. Nall. Tell St. Louis number one badgelicker, Trish Dennison, Jenn Harris said, “Jesus is black, and I don’t give a damn about no one who thinks a life is worth more because it’s blue!

“Blue lives don’t exist.”

-Very Smart Brothers (blog)

I hope his family RAILS this damn city! The mayor don’t do shit, the police ain’t shit, and they want to kill all us because we know all this shit!

Our brothers, sons, husbands, uncles, cousins, friends, fiancées and fathers are no the bucks almost 160 years ago! They are not the problematic nigras Willie Lynch has to break! They cannot be taken, murdered and then murderers that write the reports offer more money than we may work to gather for ourselves!

First, we value ourselves.

Second, we do like the urban prophet Nas said on the God Son album, track 7:

If the truth is told, the youth can grow

Learn to survive till they gain control.

No one said you hand to gangstas, hoes,

Do more learn more, change the globe.

If they reopen this case, reopen Michael Brown, Jr’s! We don’t even know where the Ferguson police car he used is!

#WhereIsDevonte #DevonteHart #BlackLivesMatter #AdoptionWithNoOversight #BlackChildrenMatter #HowTFDidThisEvenHappen #WhatDoesCPSEvenDo #TheyShouldHaveTakenHimAndCaredForHim #BlackBoyMatterToo #ThisIsRotten

Devonte Hart was in a viral photo hugging a white police officer, and at 15, four years later, the woman who adopted him drove all her adopted children off a cliff in San Francisco, after fleeing the state of Washington under allegations of abuse and neglect.


Now, authorities don’t know if he or two of his other siblings are alive! And to this posting haven’t found his body! How in–how?! When I heard about this I was confused and flabbergasted! Is it because she’s a white woman that adopted the po’ lil ole colored chillun, she need to be sainted because ain’t no body else want them?!

That’s now how this works! None of it!

Standards are just that because they are supposed to remove bias in order that expectations be set. If a child is begging for food from neighbor, the minimum stand for his care isn’t met. If his sister had to jump out a window to escape what was happening to her at home, and 16 with her front teeth missing? He asked that food be left by a fence so his parents wouldn’t know!


So black children can’t even be protected by the minimum standard?! As a mother, I want to hold my babies tighter and watch out for the kids that look like me. Tears ain’t enough–now we have to make sure we good for real.

It’s time to rebuild our communities, fam! It’s time.

*badgelicker: noun; adjective. A person that supports all aspects of law enforcement without question.

Closing thoughts:

I know it was heavy this week y’all. But the Mother Firestarter was mad as Hell. Damn this.

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