An apple away keeps the doctor away. And being a Firestarter helps you think better. At least you aren’t married a dude who calls himself DJT. You winnin’ fam, you winnin’.

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There has to be a bottom. There has to be, but every time I think there’s  bottom of this Tr*mppedup bullsh!t, there’s a ratchet genie granting wishes and selling wolf tickets! So as I discussed last week, Vanessa Tr*mp is about to be paid, and DJT den had a whole affair from the girl best known for getting thrown out the group Puff Daddy put her in because she always had something to say.

In the age of #MeToo, may I suggest #BihWhat. Like for all this ratchetness and foolishness, you should be able to tag discovered bullsh!t with #BihWhat. Like I can’t with this! He cheated on his wife (chip off the old block!), while she was pregnant (being a bastard is a genetic trait), with a broad who was working for his father! Vanessa confronted her with her daughter present on the phone! And supposedly the affair was so lit she dedicated a song to him and it.

Oh myy.

Rich people rachetness is a level of ridiculous which amuses me. I am so serious.

As these chickens come home to roost, Burn it down Audrey, burn it down! When these chickens come home to roost, they make gumbo!


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I don’t understand.

I was fortunate to have my father for seventeen years, and am raising two children as a result of divorce. I would never think of harming my children because of how I felt about their father. This story, and others like it enrage me! I don’t understand the mentality that goes into killing your child, or allowing someone else to harm them to the point of abuse is ridiculous. This child was abused and emaciated, while her mother looked smug in court as charges were read. I saw her father break into pieces about the life of his daughter being taken. “You killed my daughter!” her father screamed. My heart…smh.

There is no excuse for this. None. Aniyah was four. The only thing I could think of is her mother and her mother’s boyfriend (in the face of CPS neglect investigation!) killed her for a double reason–because they could, and to hurt Aniyah’s father. My resounding reply is this:  If she didn’t want to raise the baby, no longer wanted her, she had an option–give her to her father.

Again, I need to emphasize the need to be involved in the life of your children. Be adamant about their well-being, safety and convey your desire to protect and equip them for the onslaught of the life and world that wishes to devour them. You cannot have the lions in bed with lambs and lock the door. As a mother, as a parent, you are charged to nurture and defend. Don’t be lax in this warning or duty.

#StephonClark #BlackLivesMatter #TheyStillKillinUs #StopKillingMySons #TheyAllOurKids #Community #TheyStillKillinUs #LifeWorkIsToJustLive

They killed him in his backyard, with a phone in his hand police though was a gun. How? why is whiteness so disturbed by blackness? I was in grade school when I started to hear the stories about children my age who either had run from the police, knew someone who was running from the police, or who knew how to run from the police.



Stephon was running through yards, minding his business unaware the PD was after him. But–dammit! I am tired of having to Monday morning quarterback these murder hashtags–what they decedent was doing, how good a person he was, meanwhile you got whole homegrown terrorists in Austin, Texas blowing people up with FedEx boxes because they feel ‘disenfranchised’ as a straight, white male in America. This one took me out a little y’all. it really did.

In a world where the leader of the free-greed world is a reengage Jim Henson muppet, no one darker than orange is safe.







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