Lionesses Loom Legendary

Black women make history. It takes more than a months of February and March to the honor the intersection of black, woman and history.

In keeping with the theme of this month, Black Women making history and of black women in history, I ask you to consider the lioness. Not the phrase female lion, but lioness. She is distinct from her male counterpart, intuitive and just as ambitious towards care and care of the pride as she is. She is integral because she is indispensable.

One of those women is on my list of personal sheroes: Maria Chappelle-Nadal. In times of crisis black women always seem to show up, create solutions and walk them through. It’s what we do! It’s just what we do. With the bars of our ever-FLOTUS, “If you want impossible done, gimme about a week.”

From Ferguson to voting rights to the ecological and environmental crisis happening in Bridgeton, Missouri, Maria has shown the same fearlessness that makes her adored and feared. She is symbolic of knowing on whose shoulders she stands*. It is that fearlessness that is embodied by a quote a local pastor said:

Your compassion should compel you to action.

In times such as these, we see this new wave of lionesses emerge to glean from their foremothers to rub faster and further and smarter. I am glad that in the face of times like this, I can add my roar to hers and my own pride.

It is this taught sense of self that keep black women formidable. That allow us to to make do and make space and take no prisoners when we know we are right and close to victory. These are key components when deciding to change the world when people only whisper about what to do.

Add your roar, don’t fear it.

You can do it.


*-I know what Missouri State Senator Chappelle-Nadal said about the Imposter POTUS and being assassinated. Back up off her! And second, as much isht as this country is in–as much as is about to blow up, y’all need to pay attention to the people who are really for you—rather than the ones that wanna rob you and kill you slow. To know more about the Bridgeton Landfill clean up and her involvement click here.

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